The Days & Nights Of Mr. Sunshine

Well…HELLO THERE OCTOBER! And HELLO THERE friends! It has been a whole month of blogging thus far! This is officially post number six! Can I get a WOOT?!?! You know…I never believed people when they said that time went fast. Well, I was definitely wrong. Because it literally flies by…in the blink of an eye. Like, one day it is January 1st and then BOOM…it’s Christmas. Seriously though. It’s CRAY.

Last week, I took you on the “grand” tour of my casa, so I hope you enjoyed seeing into some of my most intimate spaces of the Sunshine Cottage that make me who I am.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live a day (and week) in the life of Mr. Sunshine? Well, look no further than these next few paragraphs because I’m about ready to give you a quick run down of what those 7 days look like. Hope you brought your energy drink because you might need it to keep up! Are you ready?

Oh…and before we start…I would like to personally thank Starbucks for making such a delicious beverage that is called the PSL. Literally…fall in a cup. If you are a Pretty Smart Lad (like me…OBVI…kidding), you should go enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte…right now. Well, not now because I want you to keep reading…but maybe after you are done! Deal? OK, let’s get started.

Oh…and one more thing…I’m so sorry. Tomorrow, October 2nd officially marks the 3 MONTH MARK until Sunshine Reveal #2! Do you have any guesses as to what it might be?! I’m anxious to hear your thoughts!

OK, now I’m ready to begin. Did you take a shot of espresso or coffee yet? I’ll give you a few seconds to go get one. Seriously. Go. Now. Grab and come back for the action-packed post.

We ask that you please hold on to all hats and glasses…we will be reaching speeds of 58mph…oops…sorry…that was the script you hear when in line for The Great Bear at Hersheypark.

I digress…again. Here we go…for real this time.

Sundays are for…sleeping in? WRONG! Not in Sunshine’s world! The alarm promptly goes off at 7:30am reminding me that I must wake up (off the couch of course),head up the stairs, freshen up with a clean shave and brushing of teeth, put on dress clothes, and head on over to St. Paul Lutheran Church in Penryn where I serve as Music Director. Arrival around 8:30am usually means I have some quiet time to mentally prepare, meditate, and practice piano as needed to get ready for service at 9:15am. After about an hour, church ends and 9 times out of 10, I head over to my parents house for one of my favorite traditions–Sunday lunch. Mama Welliver is a wonderful cook, so literally whatever she makes, I will eat. Except for brussel sprouts…GROSS. But she knows I don’t like them! Then, usually early afternoon means I must head on over to Ephrata Performing Arts Center for a rehearsal of some kind, which usually takes up a majority of the afternoon and evening. A typical end time is usually 9 or 10, so that means I get in my car and drive home, but not without stopping at Giant first for my grocery shopping extravaganza! Literally…I dislike grocery shopping…SO MUCH. Like, why are there aisles of so many different brands of cereals, toothpastes, paper towels, toilet paper…literally everything. Too many choices. I feel like I need to look into my crystal ball with helping me make a decision. However, the nice thing about a late night grocery shopping trip is that humans are usually very limited, which is nice. After arriving home, it’s time to put away the groceries and watch The Golden Girls before hitting the hay, which usually takes place around midnight or 1am.

Still with me? Good. On to the weekdays we go.

Mondays are for working a part time job! I commute to Reading where I get to spend 8 hours doing customer service auditing at The Loomis Company. This literally just started on September 24th and what an exciting adventure it will be! I’ll be working alongside two incredibly talented and smart women who will help me to grow and get me back in the flow of helping Customer Service Representatives perfect their skills and knowledge. After the work day is done, it is usually to the theater for more rehearsal (or meetings) that will last until about 10pm. Then home, Golden Girls, and sleep. You know…wash, rinse, repeat.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are for waking up at 6:30am and heading to training at Z Fitness with my buddy and FAVORITE personal Trainer, Zach Musser. Seriously, a beast…and funny too. I always love it when he brightens my morning workouts with his singing. And mind you my workout playlist consists of divas…Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion…you catch my drift. It’s pretty great. After an hour of getting my butt kicked with all different exercises, I head to work at The Webstaurantstore where I serve as a Platinum Account Manager. I have the best teammates who push me each and every day to be better! In addition, I have awesome customers from all over the United States that I get to interact with via email, chat, and phone calls. It’s pretty fantastic. And I love every moment. After putting in 8 hours, it’s usually off to the theater for more rehearsal. Are you sensing a pattern here? And after rehearsal…what comes next? I’ll take JP’s evening routine for 500! That’s right…home, Golden Girls, sleep.

Wednesdays and Fridays consist of waking up at 7am and hitting up The Webstaurantstore once again for my 8 hour days of Platinum account managing. After those hours are clocked, the evenings usually consist of working from home doing my customer service auditing, church choir rehearsal, or theater rehearsal. Oh…and sometimes coffee drinking and eating too! Can’t forget that!

Saturdays, you ask? Sleeping in? Day off? This is the part where I sound the air horn to indicate you are WRONG! Sleeping in and day off are two phrases that do not exist in my vocabulary. Saturdays are for working at the WEB for 8 hours and spending the evening at either the theater for rehearsal, doing some customer service auditing, spending time with my family, or on the rare occasion that nothing is happening, being with my friends.

Did you finish your energy drink and shot of espresso? Do you need to get one after reading this?

My life is crazy. Yes, you are correct. I’ve always THRIVED on being busy…for as long as I can remember. If you open up my planner, you would probably faint….it’s that full. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. How do I survive? With the help of support from family and friends, Dr. Pepper, iced coffee, and taking time (down time) for myself each night, which as you know is watching The Golden Girls.

Seriously though–find what you’re passionate about and do it. Take the risks. You’ve got nothing to lose.

From now until the end of the year, I will be doing:

Full time work at The Webstaurantstore, part time work of 15-20 hours doing customer service auditing for The Loomis Company, starting rehearsal as Music Director for the Kids for Kids Production of Mary Poppins at EPAC, being Assistant Stage Manager and ensemble member of the December production of Beauty and the Beast at EPAC, preparing music and service details for Christmas Eve at my church, working on my blog, finalizing details with my January 2 Sunshine Reveal #2, training for my half marathon on October 21st, performing acts of kindness whenever possible…and other random things here and there…you know, like sleeping, cleaning the house, and taking the contacts out of my eyes.

Do I need a personal assistant? Probably. Would I hire you? Probably. Are you allowed to bring me coffee? Probably. Actually, yes. Yes, you can.

Well, that’s the wonderful world of Disney for you. Oops…sorry, I mean wonderful world of Mr. Sunshine. This was probably a really boring post to read, so I apologize about that. But seriously, each week can’t be like an exciting read…there has to be at least some kind of lame-ness involved. Am I right??

Well, it’s time to go take out my contacts…and find the couch in the living room…and put on The Golden Girls.

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Sprinkle sunshine always,


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