2019: A Year Of Challenge & Minimalizing

The chestnuts have been roasted on an open fire, our dreams have been filled with sugar plum fairies, our stomachs have been filled with the tastiest of treats, and we’ve heard the last official play of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” until August of 2019.

And now…we have only a few, short days to eat and finish all the junk food and cookies we’ve been given as gifts before 2019 kicks off.

Are you someone who gets caught up in setting resolutions for yourself every year? 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always set resolutions and goals for myself because it helps me to stay on track throughout the year with my well-being and personal growth. 

This week, I wanted to share a few of my personal 2019 resolutions with you as I prepare for what will be a challenging, exciting year for me personally. In addition to these goals and resolutions, I have also picked two words that I will try to emulate in order to shape my 2019. 

But, before I share those resolutions, don’t forget that January 2 is only two days away, which means Sunshine Reveal #2 will be revealed in 48 hours! Yikes! 

Anyhoo, I tend to get a bit carried away with my resolutions, so you might look at my list at first and think “Good lord, child you cray” and that’s OK with me.

Let us begin…because visions of sugar plum fairies keep dancing in my head and getting me distracted. 

1.       Complete 3 house projects. 

-I’ve never viewed myself as the type of person who buys a house to remodel everything…and I mean everything. I’m just thankful to have a roof over my head. However, this year is going to be one where I start to look at making some improvements and since I’m not a very handy DIY person, I could use suggestions. Shoot them my way. Please and thank you! 

2.       Eat better and do more meal prepping. 

-I feel like this is one that I always have on my list each year. I always start out good for like the first month and then I fall off the bandwagon into the dust. This year, I plan to use my brand spanking new crockpot from Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad) to do some meal prepping. In addition, I would like to try and limit my caffeine intake (yes, I said it) and sugar rush since I love both of those things going into my body. Constantly. Like an IV.

3.       Set aside 1 night a week for just “me time.” 

-This is one that people have often asked me about because of the crazy schedule and fast-paced environment and life I live. Currently, my “me time” usually consists of watching “The Golden Girls” each night; however, this year, the “me time” is going to look a bit different with some added additions of coloring, journaling, and reading. I can’t wait!

4.       Read at least 10 books. 

-Reading has never been a strong suit for me just because I feel like a slow reader. I already have several books on my end table that I’m excited to read and if you have any suggestions, feel free to slide them my way! 

5.       Payoff one of my student loans. 

-It’s everyone’s favorite! NOT. Currently, I have two that I’m still working to pay off, so by the end of this year, only one will remain. College graduation was 8 years ago, so getting down to one student loan will be a true blessing. I see one happy kid in my future.

6. Go through the entire house and organize and minimalize everything.

-The joy of less. I plan to go through each room of the house and this year, will get rid of crap! I find joy in simple things and quite often clutter of the house gets me overwhelmed, so it’s time to take charge! Tackling this will be challenging; however, my success will come by dividing and conquering. Each part of the house will be divided into “sectors” and by December 2019, all “sectors” will be free from crap and clutter. GET READY.

My Two Words For 2019 Are: 

Grateful: adjective; feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness, thankful. 

Tranquility: noun; the quality or state of being tranquil, calm

I chose these two words because they are qualities that I really want to display as I live out my life in the new year. I’m often someone who can be high strung, especially when I’m living in a fast-paced environment so I want to work on trying to be calmer and focusing on peacefulness and the art of being tranquil. In addition, I want to continue showing gratefulness for all the blessings in my life and realizing that nothing should be taken for granted. 

Well, there you have it. The goals, resolutions, and words for Mr. Sunshine’s 2019. And what a year it will be.

What are your goals and resolutions for the new year? 

Wishing all of you a joyous new year and continued well wishes as you work toward personal growth in 2019. Thank you all for following along with my blog thus far and coming back each week for more! It is greatly appreciate and my heart is happy.

Looking forward to continuing my blogs with you and my Sunshine Reveal in 2 days! 

Sprinkle sunshine always,