A Season Of Renewal

Well, folks. Spring has sprung in the world around us…and no, it is NOT an April Fool’s joke. Although I will admit these days with the back and forth of super warm weather to extreme coldness are really playing with my mind and I don’t like it. Make up your mind Mother Nature! The April showers have trickled their waters upon us and the May flowers that we all know and love are starting to emerge from the ground….and with them come the allergies. Who’s excited?! I know I am…well, not for the allergy part! 

And along with this beautiful Spring weather comes what I like to call a “renewal of life.” This is something that I look forward to each and every year at this time because it allows me to reflect on myself, life, and the world around me. Some of the renewal of life moments that I tend to enjoy the most are smelling the scent of fresh flowers, enjoying the company of family as we come together to celebrate a holiday meal, and running outside in the warmth of the sun to enjoy one-on-one time with nature. 

Those who know me realize that I’m always on the go. And I mean ALWAYS. Like, catch me if you can! That means, I must be intentional about my personal renewal of life and how I execute it.

How am I currently executing this? Well, read on and you will find the 3 specific ways that I will be enjoying this renewal of life over the next couple of weeks. 

  1. Spring cleaning the house to declutter  
  2. Coloring   
  3. Watching a feel-good movie and journaling both feelings and reflection on how it relates to my life  

Spring cleaning and decluttering is (believe it or not) something that I absolutely love doing…and not just at Spring time. I don’t know what it is, but there is something so satisfying with decluttering a room, a closet, or a cabinet and making sure that trash bag is FULL. Yahssss. So satisfying. 

Another entity in my renewal of life is coloring. Yes, that’s right…coloring. There is something so relaxing about being creative with colors and making pictures come to life. And before you judge it, try it. Adult coloring books are all the rage. And trust me…it will relax you, de-stress you, and give your creative brain a workout. It will RENEW you. 

Finally, the last piece of my renewal of life is watching a “feel good” movie and journaling both my thoughts and reflections about how it relates to my personal life after it’s over. So therapeutic. Give it a try. The other night I watched Moana and the whole time I just smiled and sang along. Then, I took to my journal and wrote some personal reflections. It can work wonders, so I hope you take a moment to try it. 

Spring is a time for a refreshing, new start. It is a time to renew our lives with energy, passion, and love. During the next couple of weeks, remember to take moments to reflect on the many blessings you have been given in life, to appreciate the people in your life who mean the most, and to take in each moment for what it’s worth. 

Take time to enjoy this season for a renewal of life. 

Sprinkle sunshine always,