The happiest of Monday greetings to you all!

It is hard to believe that both the month of June and season of Summer are just around the corner…even though Mother Nature clearly doesn’t realize this fact based off the extremely hot weather she has given us and will be giving us this week.

Anyhoo, on to this week’s topic at hand: choices.

If one were to look up the definition of the world ‘choice,’ they would find the following:

  1. An act or instance of choosing.
  2. The right, power, or opportunity to choose.
  3. The person or thing chosen or eligible to be chosen.
  4. An alternative.


Each day of our lives, we have to make choices. Choices can be fun to make and they can be not so much fun to make. In addition, these choices that we make can have impacts that are both positive and negative on the people and world around us.


I made the choice to not write this blog post after folding laundry last night. I made the choice because it was midnight and I felt too tired to try and write the words. The result? Waking up at 5am to write. Yes, that’s correct. What you are reading right now is the result of me writing from the comfort of my bed, under a blanket, with the air conditioning blasting in the background.


Each time I go to the grocery store, I’m forced with the task of making choices in each aisle. Some of these choices can take what feels like YEARS because there are just too many options. Has anyone else experienced the stressful task of what is commonly known as the cereal aisle? Or is it just me? Hundreds of boxes are just staring at you from each side of the aisle trying to get you to make the choice of buying them to take home and enjoy.


I’ve had several people reach out to me on more than one occasion asking how I stay so positive even with all the negativity happening in the world. The answer? I make the choice each day when I wake up to find light and joy. I make the choice to stay positive and find positive energy in what is around me and to share that with others. I make the choice to be the sunshine when the clouds of the world decide they to be gray and stormy.


Isn’t is crazy to think how such a simple word in the English language can have such huge impacts on so many aspects of our lives?

Every day…every hour…every minute…every second–we are making choices.

Do you make the choice to stay hi to the stranger or ignore them and keep moving on?

Do you make the choice to take the extra cash we found in our pocket to save it or spend it?

Do you make the choice to take action and positive change in our world or simply sit back and watch?

Do you make the choice to keep people in your life whom are motivating and supportive or say goodbye because we know they are creating a negative energy?

Do you make the choice to tell others in your life that you love and appreciate them?

Do you make the choice to hit gas the pedal and go through the red light when it turns yellow or slam the brake to stop?


I choose to be happy.

I choose to find joy in simple things.

I choose to say hi to the stranger.

I choose to take action and create positive change.

I choose to keep people in my life who motivate, support, and love me.

I choose to be kind to all people.


They can be easy. They can be hard. They can be fun. They can be stressful. They can make us laugh. They can make us cry. They can make us feel all the emotions.

One word.

All the impacts.


Sprinkle sunshine always,