4 Months Later…

Well, folks…I welcome you to yet another Monday blog post from the one and only!

Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying the cool, brisk Fall weather that has allowed us to break out the sweatshirts and comfy sweaters that keep us warm as we think about pumpkin picking and hot coffee drinking.

This week’s blog post will be short and sweet, so I shall get right down to it.

Exactly 4 months ago, on June 21st, I celebrated a milestone in my 1K For 10K journey. I hit the halfway point with 500 miles clocked! To be even more specific, I share with you the following statistics that held true at the halfway point those mere 4 months ago…

-156 total runs had been completed
-500 miles have been clocked 
-114 individuals had donated toward the cause
-$7825 had been raised for pediatric cancer research

Now, as I sit here 4 months later writing this post, I have even more incredible statistics to share with you as I prepare to embark on the last two month’s of my year-long journey.

-270 total runs have been completed 
-800 miles have been clocked 
-191 individuals have donated toward the cause
-$12,690 has been raised for pediatric cancer 

It’s truly amazing what has been accomplished throughout the course of this year, let alone the past 4 months.

The thankfulness and gratefulness that I have in my heart for the support system around me is immeasurable and impossible to convey in words.

But will still have miles to clock and money to raise as we push forward in these last two months.


We have another 200 miles to clock and 3,310 to raise!

Can we do it?

We. SURE. Can.

Let’s go, folks. The cure for cancer is within reach and we have the ability to work together to find it.

Sprinkle sunshine always,