Everyone Just Needs To Chill

Well, here we are yet again!

Another week has passed and another Monday has decided to show itself. And in the past 7 days we have seen the clocks turn forward, Mother Nature shower us with both rain and hot sun, the Stock Market do its wild roller coaster ride, and stories about the Coronavirus continue to grow.

Everything just seems out of whack and everyone in the world appears to be in full-blown panic mode.

Actually, it is even worse than full-blown panic mode.

And Mr. Sunshine only has one thing to say…


Like, seriously.




The panic that the media is bringing to our lives with the current world happenings is absolutely insane. And it is making so many people in this world go into a frenzy that is driving me nuts.

My every day conversations are now flooded with the sentence of “Yes, we have no hand sanitizer.”

I’m not worried about getting sick.

That’s right.

You heard it here first.


What I’m actually concerned about is the people who are freaking out, not reading the facts (or knowing them), and not taking care of themselves.

Like, wash your hands people. It’s not rocket science.

So, in the coming weeks I’ll just be here…doing same old, same old. Business as per the usual for Mr. Sunshine.

I’ll continue to fall asleep to The Golden Girls, refuse to get out of my warm blanket during those cold mornings, laugh at the simple things, say I love you to the people I appreciate, and sing loudly to all the Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Kesha, and Lady Gaga songs on my Apple Music playlists as I make my morning commute to work.

And I’ll continue to try and bring the sunshine to the world to each individual I meet with each passing day.

Oh, and I’ll continue to listen to this newest song by Katy Perry…because I’m loving it.

Well, that’s all I have this week.

Remember to wash those hands and to take a chill pill.

Sprinkle sunshine always,