The Cake Is Missing The Icing

Well, we are officially in Summer. Does it feel like the season of sunshine, flip flops, and pool swimming to you?

Because it certainly doesn’t feel like it yet.

Does it feel like it is half way through the year of 2020 to you?

Because it certainly doesn’t feel like that either.

Quarantine has been going on for how long now?

3 days?

3 months?

3 years?

There have been moments during this quarantine where the walls of my house have seen me at my worst–yelling, screaming, breaking down in tears.

Some days, it feels like a roller coaster of emotions.


Buckling up in the station, trying to keep my arms and legs inside the train at all times without screaming my face off.

Up the hills, down the hills, around the twists and turns…

Until I arrive back in the station…

…only to do it all over again.

Have any of you had these moments and feelings also?

I can’t imagine I’m the only one.


And, before I begin with this week’s post, I would like to take a few moments to re-iterate the below, which I have neglected to say at the start of my last couple of blog posts.

My heart goes out to those who have passed away from this virus. My heart goes out to all of those who are currently suffering and fighting to get well. My heart goes out to everyone who has been directly and indirectly affected by this virus. My heart goes out to all people who are working the front lines to restore health and well-being to the world around us. My heart goes out to all of us who are working to navigate the unknown on the daily with feelings of anxiety and despair.

Well, shall we begin? If you don’t already have your trusty cup of coffee (or whatever beverage you like to drink when reading), make sure you go to grab it now!

We’ve all heard the phrase “the icing on top of the cake”, right?

Well, if you noticed the title of this week’s post, I will be playing devil’s advocate in taking the opposite angle of this phrase and talking about the cake missing the icing.

What do I mean by this? Well, I guess you’ll just have to read on!

This week, I’m going to talk about some of the things that I miss the most about being in quarantine.

Obviously, the events of the world have shifted perspectives, turned our lives upside down, and forced us to find ways to cope because of the fact that nothing will be the same or “normal” for quite some time…or ever again.

It’s both a tough and harsh reality to try and grasp on the daily. It becomes even more prominent when I think in my mind about some of the things that I have really missed (and continue to miss) during this period of a pandemic quarantine.

So, here are some things that I really miss…like a lot.

The Office Atmosphere
-While I’m so grateful (and thankful) that I have the opportunity to work from home, I am a person who misses the office atmosphere so much. I miss being able to turn around in my desk chair to ask a coworker about a situation while also sharing a laugh and smile. Video chats are great and wonderful and I’m glad we have the technology to do it, but something just isn’t the same about them. I miss having lunch with coworkers and talking about everything and anything. I crave the office atmosphere and staring at my walls 6 days (sometimes 7 days a week) can get a bit insane.

The Theater
-I miss going to the theater to see shows, I miss performing on the stage, I miss working backstage…basically, I miss it all. I miss the community of family that is created by bonds and love of a creative art that allows for an outlet that is deeply missed by my soul. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t a bit nervous for the future of the arts.

My Church Choir
-I miss my choir at church. I miss having Wednesday night rehearsals in the church basement where we could laugh and just have fun singing music for the Lord. To go along with this, I miss seeing the church congregation in person on Sunday mornings. While I’m so grateful that we’ve been blessed and given the opportunity to do virtual services, I miss seeing the smiling faces of our Penryn community. I miss being together and enjoying the fellowship through word and song. I continue to pray constantly for all of our church members and for the guidance to make sure that when the time comes to re-open, that we are able to do it well and safely for all. Our community is a place for ALL and I’m anxious for it to continue as such when we are given the opportunity to gather again.

Late Night Grocery Shopping
-I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed late night grocery shopping until I couldn’t do it. I miss having those moments with few people in the aisles to do my thing. You might laugh, but late night grocery shopping is a way for me to decompress…almost therapeutic. It’s like real-life Supermarket Sweep episode when you are with Mr. Sunshine.

-I don’t think I need to go into too much detail with this one since it is pretty self-explanatory. My personality is all about loving, which includes hugging and not being able to do that is eating me up inside.

Seeing People Smile
-I miss seeing the smiles on the faces of the people that I have the opportunity to interact with on the daily–whether it be on the sidewalk, grocery store…anywhere. I must say that I’ve learned to try and perfect the “smile with my eyes” entity like Tyra Banks used to say, but I very much look forward to the day when I get to see those million dollar smiles again.

Eating In A Restaurant
-I miss having the chance to be spontaneous to eat at a local gem for some delicious food. I miss the atmosphere of being in a restaurant (or bar setting) and enjoying the company of loved ones with glorious conversation and delightful ambience.

Well, folks. There you have it. Just a few things that I’ve really missed throughout this quarantine.

I will continue to pray for all and try to do my best to keep some light and positive energy alive as I go about the daily.

Stay well and don’t give up hope.

We will get through this and the light at the end of the tunnel is there…I just know it.

Sprinkle sunshine always,