Come Inside This Hidden Gem Of Manheim

Morning greetings and happy Monday, folks!

Welcome to blog post #99 here at! How crazy is that?! This endeavor started back in 2018 and it is crazy to think that we’ve hit almost 100 posts!

Before we move on to the content of this week’s post, I must take a few moments to say a few words.

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day. A day that is so important to not only me, but so many others.

15 years ago, I lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and came out of the closet. I have no regrets. I don’t look back. Rather, I look forward to a day where I won’t be stared at or judged for liking the same sex. I look forward to many more days of trying to make the most of spreading kindness and showing love to everyone with the Mr. Sunshine nickname I wear proudly.

So, get off your high horse and look at me. Look into my eyes and see that I’m no different than you. Look at me as I wear my colors proudly. And, if you still feel the need to ostracize, seclude, judge, or bully me, I can only hope that you will one day see that me, along with my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community, are human beings filled with love in our hearts. And I’ll be damned if anyone is going to stop me from being myself.

For those struggling with their identity, please know there is a community of support and love for your true, authentic self. Take time to find it. Be kind to yourself. And reach out if you are struggling because there is a family of support to raise you up, lend you a shoulder, and give you a warm embrace. There are challenges and struggles, but I promise you there is love at the end of each one. I’ve been through the bullying. I’ve been through the struggle. I’ve been through the suicidal thoughts. But don’t give up. Hang on. Find your support system. There is love around you.

Be proud. Be love. Be YOU.

And, if you are reading this right now and need someone to listen or talk to, please do not hesitate to reach out. EVER.

Alright, time to get down to business! This week, I’m taking you on a “virtual” tour of one of my FAVORITE hidden gems in the town of Manheim.

May I have a drum roll, please?!


And that hidden gem is none other than…DIVINE CONSIGN!

This cute, quaint consignment shop is located right by the main square in Manheim and if you have stepped foot inside, you must make plans to do it ASAP!

My brother, Will and his wife, Mindy own the shop and together with their staff, they create a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for anyone who drops in.

They have so much to choose from and you will see below through some videos and pictures that I’m not joking!

Further down, I will show you some of the items that I’ve procured from the store over the years.

And…total side note, I definitely dropped about $165.00 just yesterday with a little impromptu trip I had to the store in preparation for this blog.

No joke.

They have…

…Clothes for all people!

…Housewares for your home

…Books to keep you occupied

…Candles (the BEST soy candles) to keep your casa and habitat smelling fresh!

…Cards galore for each and every occasion!

…And so much more!

Here are just a few of the items that I’ve procured over the years! (Not pictured are the multiple items of men’s clothing that my closet is full of also from the racks of this hidden gem.)

Divine Consign literally has anything and everything and everything in between! Their prices are so reasonable and the quality of what you get is perfection.

This pandemic has caused havoc and chaos for a lot of us in this world and sometimes we just need a little break to do some retail therapy.

So, the next time you need to do some retail therapy, take your feet and skip over to Divine Consign.

Will, Mindy, Mackenzie, and the entire staff is ready to greet you with a warm welcome for a safe shopping experience.

Hidden gems are few and far between and the town of Manheim has one that is absolutely beautiful.

Shop small. Shop local. Shop Divine Consign.

Sprinkle sunshine always,