Where Are You Christmas?

Happy Monday, folks!

4 days.

Yes, you did read that right.

There are only 4 days until Christmas 2020.

I’m not sure about you, but this year has definitely been a struggle for me to try and find the energy to get into the Christmas spirit.

It just doesn’t feel like the holidays are upon us.

What’s made the month of December especially difficult for me is seeing all the memories come up on my Facebook of my past shows that I’ve been involved with at EPAC during the holiday seasons. It hits home and just makes me realize how much I miss the theater. How much I miss performing with my second family. How much I miss entertaining audience members and putting smiles on their faces. Memories of Willy Wonka, Cats, Anything Goes, Annie, Shrek, Oliver, The Wizard of Oz, and Beauty and the Beast have all been flooding the newsfeeds over the past three weeks.

Ugh. I’m ready to put the 2020 year in the past.

This year is definitely one where I’ve been asking myself the question…

“Where are you Christmas?”

Most people in my life know that the traditional Christmas Eve service is always MY FAVORITE one to plan each year at church. It is something that gets me so excited that I start to plan prior to Summer.

Seriously. No joke.

And this year, all of that changed as we were forced to adapt to the happenings of our world with pandemic restrictions that are continuing to grasp our society.

It is definitely going to be a different year for sure.

But through the feelings of difference that I’m still struggling with as I try to grasp with the reality that it just won’t be the same, I’ve forced myself to realize that the answer to “where are you Christmas” is right in front of me.

Christmas for me is the spirit of giving to others, spreading love to everyone, and sharing kindness with every passing moment on the daily.

In just 3 days, my faith community at St. Paul Penryn will share the spirit of Christmas with a virtual Christmas Eve service via Zoom at 3:30pm and a 6:30pm outdoor service (weather permitting). If inclement weather ensues, the 6:30pm service will also be done via Zoom. I hope if you are feeling lost this Christmas or just want some type of connection with a faith community to find Christmas, that you will join us as we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus.

In just 2 more weeks, I will share with you my 2021 mission that I have been keeping a secret for a majority of this year. My hope continues to be that the news I share will bring love, kindness, and hope to the world.

I hope it will be a light to inspire those who might be feeling lost, fearful, or uncertain.

So, if you find yourself asking the question of “where are you Christmas” this week, just remember that it will live on if we just choose to open our hearts and fill the world with love and kindness.

Sprinkle sunshine always,