Hate Has Never Solved Anything.

Happy Monday, all!

If you are reading today’s post from the comfort of your home on the East Coast, then you are probably also struggling to try and stay warm as the Blizzard of 2021 knocks on our door with its bitter chills, gusting winds, and mounds of white stuff more commonly known as snow!

While I’m not the biggest fan of that white stuff…especially the shoveling part…quick side note about this Winter weather is that snow in the city is like not fun, especially street parking when you have to plow out your car and fight for the precious space that you clear for your wheels…but…on the other hand…it could always be worse.


Well, enough talk about the Winter weather!

Today is the first day of a new month! February 1st…can you believe it?!

And not only does that mean it is the start of the month with my FAVORITE holiday ever (I do hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice), but it does mean that it is the start of the second month in the Miles 4 Smiles campaign, which is being coupled this month with something very exciting that you will read more about in just a few moments!

The first month of this year-long campaign, which is in fact my biggest and most ambitious endeavor to date was full of so much love, support, and encouragement from people all over. It is something that gave me goosebumps and such feelings of gratefulness, thankfulness, and extreme humility.

In this first month, we were able to raise a total of $2,000 through the generosity of 22 donors while also clocking a total of 104.9 miles! That means we have completed 4 full marathons of the year goal and 1/10 of the $20,000 goal!

That. Is. Incredible.

I would’ve never guessed or imagined that I would be writing these numbers to you now in what has been only 28 days since the launch of this fundraising campaign.

And this month, I’m teaming up with one of the newest Lancaster County local businesses to promote some of their FABULOUS new products while also offering you the opportunity to give back to the Miles 4 Smiles campaign and support The Conner M. Holland Foundation as well as small business!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m obviously talking about…


Now, you might be asking yourself, “What is Lancaster Boxtails?!”

Well, I’m SO glad you asked because…you guessed it…

…I’m going to tell you all about it right now!

Lancaster Boxtails is:

  1. A curated cocktail experience that is shipped right to your door.
  2. A family-owned business.
  3. Unique cocktail recipes that you won’t find anywhere else–they are dreamed up and refined over and over again in the kitchen of Rob & Emily (owners of the company) until they are perfect!
  4. Various recipes that suit a variety of tastes and different liquor preferences.
  5. A unique, upgraded gift experience for anyone in your life instead of chocolates or flowers.
  6. Beautifully-packaged, aesthetically pleasing products that include a personal note for your recipient.
  7. Available shipping to anywhere in the United States!

And while they are offering several different curated recipes for the Winter season, there is one that has been curated specifically for me, Mr. Sunshine, that I hope you will purchase and enjoy!

It is “Mr. Sunshine’s Ray of Hope Orange Raspberry Daiquiri!”

As it is described on the site, “It may be cold and dark outside but this bright take on a gimlet will lift your spirits right up! Balancing the seasonal sweet-tart orange flavor and warmth of honey with a bright dash of raspberry, this cocktail will have you seeing life through rose-colored glasses.”

And believe me…


I got to sample the product before it was perfected and I…well…for lack of a better phrase…fell in love.

So, please support both local business with Rob and Emily’s newest endeavor and think about purchasing The Mr. Sunshine Ray of Hope Orange Raspberry Daiquiri curated cockatil kit to give back to the community!

Don’t delay! Hit up their website TODAY!

Lancaster Boxtails

A HUGE thank you to both Rob & Emily for being so willing and accommodating with partnering on this incredible endeavor. I’m so excited for them and even more excited to help spread some sunshine to others in the world.

Month 2 of our Miles 4 Smiles campaign begins today.

Let’s. Do. This.

Sprinkle sunshine always,