45. And No, We Are Not Talking Age.

Happy Monday, folks!

We are officially entering the last full week of April.

But like, seriously though. The time is just going way too fast.

Don’t blink, because tomorrow is Christmas.

Just kidding.

I’m being dramatic.

But, in reality, you should actually start your Christmas shopping.

Anyhoo, it is time to get on with this week’s post.

Even as I sit here and write the next sentence that you are about to read, I’m emotionally charged with sadness and my heart feels incredibly heavy.

The United States has had 45 mass shootings in the past month with 147 mass shootings recorded this year.

How does that sentence make you feel?

Read it again.

It makes me sick to the stomach.

Today is only the 109th day of the year and we have experienced 147 shootings already in the United States.


Quite honestly, it is hard to not feel a heavy heart. And at some moments, it can be extremely taxing and emotionally draining.

It seems like reading a story about a shooting has become part of my daily routine.

Wake up, brush my teeth, drink my coffee, eat my breakfast, read the news story about a shooting.

So, this week, I have decided to share 45 things that will hopefully allow you to recharge, rejuvenate, and stay sane with all of the shit happening in the world around us.

  1. Watch your favorite TV show, even if you have seen all of the episodes a million times.
  2. Make yourself an ice cream sundae.
  3. Take a hot shower or bubble bath.
  4. Turn your phone on DND for an hour.
  5. Do a puzzle.
  6. Go on a walk to clear you head.
  7. Buy your favorite snack to eat.
  8. Eat ice cream right from the carton.
  9. Read a book.
  10. Take a cat nap.
  11. Turn on your favorite song and dance in your room.
  12. Have a cabaret with yourself singing in the car at the top of your lungs.
  13. Indulge in some retail therapy.
  14. Drink a glass of wine.
  15. Have a game night with your friends (I just did this the other night and it was SO fun).
  16. Wrap yourself in a blanket.
  17. Put on a piece of clothing right after it comes out of the dryer.
  18. Text a friend or FaceTime with them.
  19. Leave a generous tip for your waiter/waitress.
  20. Color outside the lines.
  21. Order takeout from one of your favorite restaurants.
  22. Go for a run.
  23. Enjoy a Tootsie pop.
  24. Help an individual who is struggling to schedule an appointment for getting their Covid vaccine.
  25. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.
  26. Buy a card to send someone via snail mail just because.
  27. Write down three things you are grateful for.
  28. Declutter a room in your house.
  29. Give someone a hug.
  30. Watch your favorite movie.
  31. Hold the door open for someone.
  32. Say please and thank you.
  33. Smile at the stranger (even if you are behind a mask).
  34. Forgive and forget.
  35. Scream into your pillow. It’s actually so great.
  36. Support the arts at your local theater.
  37. Sleep in.
  38. Donate to a charity.
  39. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
  40. Burn a candle and meditate.
  41. Exercise.
  42. Get a massage.
  43. Find somewhere to volunteer your time.
  44. Donate some items to a local food pantry.
  45. Tell someone you love and appreciate them.

Well, folks. That’s all I have for you this week. I sincerely hope you take some time to try some of the things on this list and also share with someone who you feel might could really use it.

Our world is a scary place and it doesn’t seem that the violence and hatred will end anytime soon.

So, it is up to us to keep the kindness and love alive.


Sprinkle sunshine always,