We Could All Use Another Cup Of Self-Love

Well, hello there folks!

A very good Monday morning to you!

And welcome to official blog post #160!

But before I write more words, I need to first say that my thoughts and prayers continue to be with those in Ukraine as they continue to fight for their Country in hopes of uniting in peace. I honestly can’t even begin to imagine having to fear for my life and safety every day, every minute, every second. I will continue to hope and pray that peace will be found. Please continue to send prayers and love to all the people of Ukraine.

Well, time for this week’s words!

Cuddle up and get those eyes ready to read.

We are all a work in progress.

It’s the truth.

No one is perfect.

And I’m tired of the societal images trying to tell us that we need to be 100% every day, every minute, every second.

I call bullshit.

Because that ain’t realistic.

And it’s what gets us each in trouble because we forget how to be human, vulnerable, and honest with ourselves.

We forget to put ourselves first.

When was the last time you scrolled on social media and compared yourself to someone else’s pictures of perfection?

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and let the negative talk take over?

When was the last time you had thoughts of not being perfect enough?

If you’re like me, you’ve answered “yes” to all of these questions at some point in life.

It’s time to take charge.

It’s time to stop the negative talk.

It’s time to start being honest with ourselves.

It’s time to enjoy another cup of self-love.

What exactly is self-love?

The dictionary defines it as:

-(Noun)-regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

And on this 14th day of the month, I share with you 14 ways to embrace self-love with yourself today, tomorrow, and all the days after.

  1. Take a moment each night before bed to write in a gratitude journal about something you are grateful for.
  2. Be of service to someone in the community and volunteer.
  3. Snuggle up with a blanket.
  4. Watch your favorite Disney movie.
  5. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and repeat the phrase, “I am enough.”
  6. Hug yourself when you get out of bed.
  7. Make yourself a hot fudge sundae or extra special sweet treat.
  8. Smile.
  9. Give someone a compliment.
  10. Meditate and take deep breaths for 10-15 minutes each day.
  11. Let go of comparison to others.
  12. Dress up in your favorite outfit and put makeup on.
  13. Turn your phone and email off for one hour each day.
  14. Go for a walk, run, or do a workout with your favorite jams blasting in your ears.

And this is only just a little taste of practices that can help us embrace self-love.

Find your favorites and practice them daily.

Make it a ritual with yourself.

And share your rituals with those around you.

In a world that will continue to be draining, exhausting, and defeating at times, it is even more important than ever to be honest with ourselves, open our hearts, and be vulnerable with our souls as to what we need.

Don’t sell yourself short.

You are enough.

We could all use another cup of self-love.

Sprinkle sunshine always,