Is Your Calendar Updated?

Monday greetings to you all!

Oh and happy May 1st!

Isn’t it crazy that we are officially now in the fifth month of 2023?!

Time certainly hasn’t decided to slow down at all.

Like, at all.

Thank you for bearing with me last week as I decided to take a little break from blogging.

The white flag of surrender was waving in front of my eyes and I decided to listen and just do some resting.

Time to get out your planners!

Well, those of you who might use planners.

I might still be one of the only ones in the world who still LOVES writing everything down in their old-fashioned planner.

At the end of each month, I always take time in my room to make sure I have everything updated for the upcoming month.

It’s therapeutic.

It’s satisfying.

And those of you who know me are quite aware of the fact that my days and nights are usually packed with all the things.

All. The. Things.

Well, do you have your planner (or whatever other organizational device you use to keep your life together) at the ready?

Here are three upcoming events to mark on your calendar before the end of the month that you should check out!

-Thursday, May 4th-May 13th at varied times.

Ephrata Performing Arts Center’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s Passion. It was a show that I had no idea about and it stirred emotions in my heart, made me think about love and how it binds and breaks us. Each individual in the show carries their weight with beautiful, outstanding performances that do not disappoint. The costumes, lights, set, and voices are incredible. You can purchase tickets online at the below link. The show runs 2 hours with no intermission and Jamie and I will be at the bar ready to serve you up a cocktail for enjoyment too!

-Saturday, May 20th at 4pm.

This is St. Paul Lutheran Church in Penryn’s fourth annual cornh0le tournament in the backyard space that allows for all to gather safely. A food truck will be available and there will also be beer available. Come out and support the faith community and have a fun night of fellowship! You can sign up to play by calling the church office and leaving a message at 717-665-6093.

-Monday, May 29th from 5-7pm

Come out to Greco’s in Lititz as I get to participate in some “celebrity scooping” of ice cream! We all know that ice cream is one of my favorite food groups and what better way to enjoy some in the cool town of Lititz, supporting small business, and seeing Mr. Sunshine?! It’s a win, win, WIN!

Well, that’s a wrap.

Make sure your calendars are updated with these spectacular and fun events happening in May…

…or else.

Be kind to all.

Love each other.

Sprinkle sunshine always,