Relishing In Tradition

Happy almost December 1st everyone! Isn’t it crazy how Thanksgiving has come and gone?! Like, seriously though. Where is the time going? All of the mashed potatoes have now been eaten which means…SADNESS ensues. Gosh, I just love my mashed potatoes.

The Black Friday deals have come and gone (although I’m still convinced they are no better than any other sale during the year), the Cyber Monday deals are rolling out as you read this very sentence, and the bank accounts are starting to get lower by the minute. That means the holiday craze has officially begun. I mean…that is, if you didn’t already get sucked into it like 5 months ago when we were seeing Christmas candy in the grocery store aisles and commercials playing on the TV.

Anyhoo…the purpose of my post this week is to actually give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and by the end of this post, I’m hoping to have your heart feeling happier than Will Ferrell when he first meets his dad with a singing gram in that amazing scene of Elf that gets us laughing every time.

But first thing is first. You must all hear about my embarrassing story from Thanksgiving Eve. And get ready, because it’s pretty classic. So, get your popcorn and soft drink and grab a front row seat! Are you ready?! This is an ADDED BONUS just for you readers!

After a three hour rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast at EPAC, I came home to my parents house to stay the night prior to Thanksgiving. Whilst relaxing on the couch watching Blue Bloods, I suddenly found my stomach incredibly hungry. I would compare it to the famous phrase of “there arose such a clatter”–except for the fact that the clatter was happening in my stomach. Naturally, I decided to scamper to the kitchen to see what I could find. On the counter, I discovered some delicious looking Tex Mex snack mix, which is something that I enjoy very much. It is always a “fan favorite” that my family takes to our annual beach trip in September. My hands quickly opened the container and pulled out a few pieces. I stuffed them in my mouth and immediately spit them out. It tasted like dog food! Like…YUCK! GROSS! GAG! After contemplating for a few seconds, I chalk up the taste to just being extremely tired and swallow the couple pieces I had picked out. I think nothing of it and go to bed. The next morning, I wake up and tell my mom what I did. She starts laughing and tells me that what I ate were in fact dog treats that she uses to train our youngest puppy, Ginger. So…I wasn’t actually tired…well I was, but my taste buds were correct. I should’ve trusted them. Needless to say, the container of Tex Mex has now been labeled “DOG TREATS.” So, there you go. The End. Cue curtain drop.

Now, let’s move on to the discussion about getting the warm, fuzzy feeling inside your heart with these next couple of paragraphs. This time of year with the holidays upon us always seems to be filled with tradition. If you were to look up the definition of tradition in the dictionary, you would find the below:

  1. Handing down of statements, beliefs, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice.
  2. Something that is handed down.
  3. A long established or inherited way of thinking or acting.

For many of us, we are part of traditions at this time of year. They are moments that give us warmth and comfort when the world around us is cold. They are moments that allow us to be filled with love. They are moments that we are able to cherish forever in a special place of our heart. Today, I share with you two of my all-time favorite traditions that give me that warm-fuzzy feeling.

Tradition #1: Decorating The Christmas Tree 

Who doesn’t love a tradition like this one? It’s almost as classic as watching The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. Each year, after Thanksgiving dinner is done and the stomach has been expanded to three times its size, I get to relish in the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with my family. Making sure the tinsel is perfectly placed from top to bottom in the appropriate downhill spiral formation including proper spacing between each strand, double checking that every glittery Christmas ball is evenly spaced apart from each other, and triple checking that all the ornaments are hung in their own perfect spot of each singular branch. Martha Stewart would be so proud. My family is an artificial tree family (go ahead and judge…see if I care), but with two dogs in the house, the clean up of a gazillion needles year after year, and heavy ornaments that never stay supported with the weak branches from the past, it just made sense to make the switch. I’ve always loved this tradition with my family and being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the twinkling lights after it is all said and done, just gives me that cozy feeling that should be felt by everyone during the holiday season. For me, the decorating of the tree is the official start to Christmas.

Tradition #2: Christmas Eve Service At Church 

This one is a given…and it’s not just because I’m the Music Director at church. Christmas Eve service at church has always been special to me…for as long as I can remember. It’s one of those moments that just can’t be described. You have to experience it…in person…in the flesh. The candlelight by the windows, the vibrant poinsettias adorning the church everywhere you look, the telling of the Christmas story, the nativity scene, being with friends and family, singing the hymns, lighting the candles…all of it makes for a truly beautiful experience that never gets old to me. And my favorite part of it all? Well that would be when the church lights go out, the candles get lit, and the singing of “Silent Night” echoes throughout the walls of the sanctuary. Each year, it makes me cry without fail. And each year, it gives me chills down my spine. I realize that religion and a church service on Christmas Eve is not everyone’s thing; however, if you feel like you want to experience something special or try something new, I encourage you to check out my church. I promise you won’t be disappointed. You will leave being filled with the true warmth of the season.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you this week folks. What are your favorite holiday traditions? What are you most excited about with this upcoming holiday season? Share it below by commenting on this post.

Until next week friends!

Sprinkle sunshine always,