What Is Being Thankful?

Well, happy Monday to you all once again! Thank you so much for coming back to enjoy another blog post from me, Mr. Sunshine.

Currently, I’m writing from the comfort of my bed where I’m wrapped in a blanket trying to ward off a splitting headache. But, as they say in show business, the show must go on! So, that means…the blogger must continue to write!

So, here I am.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Or in my case…work, rehearsal, sleep. And repeat…every day until further notice.

Those of you who know me realize that this time of year is one that is incredibly crazy for me. Doing what seems like a million different things amidst a jam-packed schedule while also preparing for the holidays and another Sunshine Reveal in January can have its moments. Factor in working two jobs (well three if you count my church music director position), rehearsals for two shows (one of which opens in two weeks), trying to keep up with cleaning my house, remembering to eat, personal training twice a week, figuring out what to get people for Christmas, figuring out when I can shop for those gifts for people, figuring out when to wrap those gifts, and attempting to get at least 5 hours of sleep a night…are you tired yet?? Seriously though, I can’t wait for my head to hit the pillow tonight.

But amidst all the chaos, I must admit that it is because of this cray cray schedule that I find myself loving the holiday of Thanksgiving SO much. Personally, for me, it truly is a time for me to sit back, forget about the rush of the upcoming season, and to take a few moments of deep breaths to truly reflect on the many blessing I have been given.

What is being thankful? Well…step right up and I shall tell you just how Mr. Sunshine answers that million dollar question.

Being thankful is knowing that you have a roof over your head to come home to and blankets to wrap yourself in during moments of coldness.

Being thankful is realizing that you have clothes on your back to keep you warm and protected from the elements of Mother Nature around you.

Being thankful is realizing that you have a career(s) to help you grow professionally.

Being thankful is realizing that money does not buy happiness.

Being thankful is embracing your imperfections and being OK with that.

Being thankful is standing out in the crowd to embrace the unique-ness of yourself.

Being thankful is finding comfort in nights with your family that involve ice cream, tv watching, and card playing.

Being thankful is knowing you have friends that you can run to for love, hugs, and advice.

Being thankful is embracing the single life for all that it’s worth and being OK with that.

Being thankful is realizing that YOU can make a difference in this world.

Being thankful is sharing love and kindness each day of your life with those around you.

Remember to take some true moments of reflection not just this week, but each and every day on the blessings you have in life.

And remember to use those blessings to go out in the world to make positive change.

Sprinkle sunshine always,