The MCM Of My Life Is…

Sunshine greetings, readers!

It’s time for yet another week to start…are you ready? More importantly, are you also ready for the fact that Thanksgiving is next week already? I seriously CAN’T wait to eat mashed potatoes. ALL of the mashed potatoes. Seriously. Starches times a million. In my belly. Now. And forever.

So, one of the million dollar questions that has been flying around my brain recently is this:

How did the trend of MCM ever begin in our society? Where did it come from? If this were the final jeopardy question to win all the money in the world, there would be no doubt in my mind that I would lose everything.

The MCM seems to be a growing trend in society that many people like to use whether posting on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or some type of other social platform. #MCM

For those of you who were hoping I was going to discuss an actual man crush, I’m sorry to burst your bubble…that will be another post…in the future…down the road…maybe.

Today, I’m actually going to talk about my three current “crushes” and “obsessions” that are keeping me on my toes during this Fall season of brisk chills that is making me shiver on the daily.

#1: Starbucks Peppermint Mochas

This one should come as no surprise to any of you. The holiday beverage selection is always one that gets my taste buds jumping and jiving to the beat of excitement! For me, that initial sip of foam and peppermint hitting the lips gives me the feeling of Christmas almost immediately. And the festive cups that they are using this year are also spot on. It’s funny because it was back in 2015 when the whole red cup controversy took place. Who remembers that? Well, lucky for you I have this visual reminder to help jostle your memory.

#2 Viola Davis & How To Get Away With Murder

Don’t worry. I won’t give away any spoilers from this past week’s episode. Which, in actuality, I haven’t even watched yet. Shame on me for falling behind. Seriously though. If you don’t watch this show, you are MISSING out. Viola Davis is pure brilliance. BRILLIANCE I say. The show’s writing is top-notch and the fast-paced plot lines are almost impossible to keep up with. Each time I have a theory on what is happening, a new twist comes along and crushes it all. SO good. If you haven’t already given time to this ABC show, you must. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Even better…we’ll be able to have discussion sessions about all the juicy drama as we compare notes and theories.

Side note…there are some incredibly HOT men on the show which makes it worth watching in itself. Yeah, I said it. And believe me…I’m not wrong.

#3 The Pentatonix and David Archuleta Christmas Albums

Well, Christmas is like tomorrow in case you didn’t know. Hope you have all your shopping done. Oh wait…I’m getting ahead of myself. For reals though…Christmas candy had already invaded the shelves of local grocery stores. Can’t I at least get through my mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving first?? Gosh.

Anyway, I digress. These two new holiday album releases are pure magic. Almost more than what Santa and his elves create at the North Pole with their workshop of toys and trinkets. Both of the albums catch beautiful moments of the season with upbeat classics and ballads of winter scenes and emotions. The only thing missing from both albums is the mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Well, there you have it. The current obsessions of my life that don’t even involve any type of MCM.

I mean…who needs a MCM when you’ve got Starbucks, Viola Davis, and David Archuleta?

Sprinkle sunshine always,