Keeping Bubbly Alive In The Single Life Of Mr. Sunshine: Recharge. Rejuvenate. Repeat.

Well, hello there everyone and welcome to another week with Mr. Sunshine! This actually happens to be my 27th blog post, which is absolutely crazy to think! Before you know it, this adventure of blogging will be a year old! Hope you all are enjoying it each week!

I don’t know about you, but I must say that I am quite sick of Mother Nature and her white stuff piling up around us. I will admit that it is pretty to look at on trees and from behind the warmth of a window, but when it comes to shoveling it off the sidewalks of your city home and brushing it off your car…well that…that is where I say MMMBYEEE to Mother Nature and her Winter schemes!

Anyhoo…enough about Winter and this white stuff! We are just going to pretend that it doesn’t exist at the moment.

Back on December 10th, I wrote a blog post in regards to anxiety and how even someone like me…someone given the nickname of Mr. Sunshine can experience it throughout this crazy thing that we call life. And just to give you a quick recap, here are some statistics from the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America):

  • Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year.
  • Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment.
  • People with an anxiety disorder are three to five times more likely to go to the doctor and six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than those who do not suffer from anxiety disorders.
  • Anxiety disorders develop from a complex set of risk factors, including genetics, brain chemistry, personality, and life events.

Now, let’s quickly switch gears, so buckle up your seat belt and stick with me!

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word extrovert as the following:


1. An outgoing, gregarious person.

2. A person characterized by extroversion; a person concerned primarily with thephysical and social environment.

I don’t feel like there would be much argument from those in this world if we said that I definitely fall under this definition.
I’m always been the type of person who is easy-going, eternally optimistic, the one at parties who goes up to random people and starts chatting them up…yep, that’s Mr. Sunshine to a T for you.
However, on the flip side, there is another side behind the smile that is so important for me to observe in order to keep the bubbly personality of Mr. Sunshine alive and well.
And that my friends is the enjoyment of a night of recharge and rejuvenation.
A night alone. With my single self. And relishing in every moment.
As someone who is constantly on the go with the extroverted personality who can also experience anxiety every once in awhile, it is incredibly important that I practice what I preach with these nights to myself.
As hard as it can be sometimes to say no to friends and hanging out, you have to put aside the feelings of “FOMO” and take care of yourself.
No phone. No social media. Just me, myself, and my blanket.
That’s exactly what this past Saturday night was for me. And let me tell you…it was GLORIOUS. I hope all of you just pictured me singing the word GLORIOUS because that’s exactly what I did as I wrote it.
I popped in Silver Linings Playbook, grabbed some chocolate milk, purchased a red layer cake and icing in a cup (LITERALLY DELICIOUS), and cuddled myself in my blanket for pure bliss.
I relished in every single moment of sitting on the couch stuffing my face with cake and chocolate milk whilst no one was there to judge me. Quite honestly, it was a single gay man’s dream…minus the Disney princess movie…and Chippendale dancers. Those two elements were missing…but there’s always next time!
I might be Mr. Sunshine, but even I must find the time to recharge the bubbly.
So, my friends, enjoy the moments of being alone. Don’t let society pressure you to think that you need to be around one single human or multiple humans all the time.
This is YOUR life.
And relish in every single moment.
Sprinkle sunshine always,