The “Go To” Tunes Of Mr. Sunshine

How is it that another week has come and gone already?! Like, we are already into the second week of March and less than 10 days away from the first day of Spring! Oh…and in case you didn’t already notice it on your own…there is Easter candy popping up in our faces at local grocery stores everywhere.

However, I must say that I’m quite excited for the fact that it ISN’T snowing this week as I write. In fact, it almost felt like Spring time today with the mild temperatures close to the 50’s and sprinkles of misty rain. Let’s just say I’m anxiously awaiting the sunshine!

Anyhoo enough about the weather…I’m no meteorologist and I’m not here to talk about Mother Nature and her bi-polar attitude.

What am I here to talk about this week?! Well…golly gee! I thought you would never ask!

Let’s read on! Shall we?!

Music is an integral part of our world. Of our culture. Of our lives. It is a universal language that can bring us together in times of distress and it can help us to feel the most real and most raw of emotions that are inside our souls. It can make us happy. It can make us sad. It can make us laugh. It can make us cry.

No matter what way we slice the cake, music is something we can all relate to on the daily.

We all have our favorite songs–our “go to” tunes when we need that quick jolt of happiness or want to belt out lyrics at the top of our lungs because of that douche canoe boy that just doesn’t get it.

I love and listen to music all the time. When I’m running, when I’m driving in the car, when I’m working out–there always seems to be a constant playing of tunes in my ear.

And the million dollar question is…what might be playing in my ear?! Well, I thought you would NEVER ask!

Below are the 20 songs right now that comprise my “Mr. Sunshine Go To Tunes” playlist. These are the songs that make me happy, allow me to belt at the top of my lungs without a care in the word, empower me to be better, inspire me, and just always seem to make everything a little bit better. So, happy reading…and hopefully happy listening as well!

1. Rainbow; Kacey Musgraves–literally heard this song for the first time when Kacey performed it at The 2019 Grammys and immediately fell in love with it. The lyrics are beautiful and it is one of those songs that makes me grateful for everything around me and to never take anything for granted.

  • 2. Get Out and Stay Out; From the musical 9 to 5–this is my jam to belt out when I’m having either “boys are douche canoes” or “I dislike boys very much” moment. It’s a power song and I love singing this at the top of my lungs with hand motions in my car. True story. Maybe you’ll get to experience it sometime.
  • 3. Roar; Katy Perry–always has been a power jam of mine, especially since my transition into personal training. Watch out folks because Mr. Sunshine is going to ROARRRRRR!
  • 4. Waving Through A Window; From Dear Evan Hansen--a beautiful song and lyrics that talk about the struggle to fit in and getting burned by others. One of those songs that tugs at my heart strings deep down.
  • 5. This Is Me; From The Greatest Showman–a tune that always makes me feel powerful in my skin as Mr. Sunshine no matter what crap might be happening in life.
  • 6. Love Wins; Carrie Underwood–her songs always speak to me and this one is no exception. What this song talks about is how we should be treating all humans.
  • 7. My Life Would Suck Without You; Kelly Clarkson–this is the song that I envision myself jumping on my bed and head banging to whilst I sing it. That has yet to happen, but stay tuned.
  • 8. This Ones for The Girls; Martina McBride–this is still a song even to this day that I love as much as the day it came out. It never gets old for me.
  • 9. There’s Nothing Holding Me Back; Shawn Mendes–because him in his Calvin Kleins isn’t the only thing that gets me going…his voice does too, so like…YAHS.
  • 10. Brave; Sara Bareilles–a song that talks about being fearless and really speaks to me. It is a song that I hope those struggling with anything in the world can listen to and feel empowerment to reveal all and be free.
  • 11. Praying; Kesha–another power jam for me when I’m having those “boys are douche canoes” or “I dislike boys very much” moment
  • 12. The Edge of Glory; Lady Gaga–because…it’s GAGA and who doesn’t love a good power ballad from her to make you feel good about life?!
  • 13. That’s The Way It Is; Celine Dion–my favorite (and in my  personal opinion the classiest) diva of the music world who can sing anything. Literally she could sing the alphabet and I would be in love. I’ll take feel good songs for 500, please.
  • 14. Dancing Queen; From Mamma Mia!–a feel good song that can get you up on your feet and moving..and smiling…no matter how tired you are!
  • 15. Let it Go; From Frozen–because it’s Disney and it’s a woman heroine singing her face off. And it puts one of life’s simplest lessons to music. When will I learn to let it go? Maybe when I can belt it like Cassie Levy and Idina Menzel.
  • 16. Cry Pretty; Carrie Underwood–this song tells us that it is ok to cry and Carrie obviously nails it. Her voice is BEAUTIFUL…and so are her legs…just saying.
  • 17. Granted; Josh Groban–the male version of Celine Dion for me. He can sing anything and I would be in love. This song is gorgeous and another one that really speaks to me about being thankful for everything in my life that I’ve been blessed with.
  • 18. Shine A Light; David Archuleta–a beautiful song with such power behind it. This is definitely a contender for Mr. Sunshine’s life mantra anthem.
  • 19. Shine Like The Sun; From the musical 9 to 5–another song of empowerment that just makes me feel incredibly good whenever I hear it. I often can be found jamming and belting this one in my car with hand motions too. Ask me to play the next time you drive around with me.
  • 20. Firework; Katy Perry–because this is still my #1 go to song whenever I need an instant jolt of energy. No other song can do that for me and this is one that I can listen to on repeat for days and never get sick of it.
  • Well, there you have it. The playlist of Mr. Sunshine. Anthems of empowerment, upbeat tunes of feel good sunshiney moments, and ballads to make you feel all the emotions.

    What are the tunes that you find the most meaning in? What are your “go to” jams throughout the daily of your life when you need a moment to laugh or cry? I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

    Sprinkle sunshine always,