Dear Ellen,

Well, it is time for yet another week of sunshine and smiles! WOO! This is officially my 29th blog post since starting out, which is insane to think about! It feels like only yesterday when I was launching this official endeavor. Thank you to everyone who has come back week after week to enjoy the posts, offer support, and spread sprinkles of sunshine throughout their daily lives!

Last week, I gave you an exclusive look and taste into the current playlist of my go to tunes that keeps me moving and grooving on the daily. Those songs are a good source of energy and excitement when I need that extra jolt to get through!

So, what will I be discussing this week?! Well, a big shout out to my PB4L (porch buddy for life in case you were wondering), Rainer, for giving me this week’s topic!

May I have the drum roll please?!


This week’s topic is inside the fantasy dream job of Mr. Sunshine!

:: Cue thunderous applause and cheers::

For as often as I can remember, Ellen DeGeneres has always been a huge role model for me in life. From her courage to coming out of the closet to express love freely–to her overwhelming compassion of performing acts of love and kindness and her crazy fun dance moves–I love it all…and can relate to it all.

This is why that it should come as no surprise that my fantasy dream job is to be Ellen DeGeneres with my own talk show.

This is something that has been on my mind for many years now and it all began senior year of high school when I was voted by my fellow classmates as the person to “most likely have a star on the walk of fame.” When writing some short reflections about the honor for my fellow high school classmates to read in the yearbook, I wrote that I wanted to be the “male version of Ellen.” Well, there you have it. That was in 2006. The rest is history.

Is there a part of me that secretly wishes I could dance on the stage, under the lights, and be on national television in front of a LIVE studio audience with the biggest smile on my face for households all across the world to watch? Absolutely.

Is there a part of me that wishes I could become a household name synonymous with the terms ‘love,’ ‘compassion,’ and ‘kindness?’ Most definitely.

Is there a part of me that wishes I could honor the heroes around me that embody stories of strength and courage with extreme praise, adoration, and surprises? 100%.

There is something about having my own national talk show where I can embody the principles of love, compassion, and kindness that gets me so fired up and excited. I mean…come on! Who wouldn’t love that?!

My dearest Ellen…are you thinking about retiring anytime soon? Well, let it be known that this 31 year-old from good old Lancaster, Pennsylvania is ready to take over whenever that day may come.

Please…and thank you.

And while there are no LIVE studio audiences, there is a part of me that looks around at my life and believes that I am already living out my dream job.

I was given the nickname of Mr. Sunshine from my Singing Lions show choir group during my freshman year of college in 2006. It is a nickname that has stuck with me ever since…even 13 years later. It has become a part of me.

On the daily, I try to always embody the principles of love, compassion, and kindness as I live out my life day in and day out. I smile at the stranger, I look for the good in all people, and I try to always see the bright side of life no matter how dark the world around us seems.

It is my deepest hope that how I live out my life is able to bring some type of joy and happiness to others and that it catches on and continues to flow throughout both the community and the world. The moments when I get communication from individuals that mention how much the positive energy or posts have inspired them, it brings warmth to my soul than I can’t even possibly begin to express.

The nickname of Mr. Sunshine is something that I truly try to embody 150% each and every day. Are there days when I want to scream? Yes. Are there moments when all I want to do is say every explicit word in the book? Um…yeah.

I know that it can seem my attitude toward life is all “sunshine, rainbows, and glitter”; however, I can tell you that there are moment where that isn’t my mentality. I have my moments of clouds and thunder. No matter what is happening life, I always try to figure out how I can personally encourage positive change and gets others around me to do the same.

Maybe the fantasy dream job of having my own national talk show and becoming the male version of Ellen DeGeneres will still happen. Who knows what the roads ahead hold in store?

However, I do know with 100% confidence that I will continue to dance through life with love in my heart, compassion in my eyes, and kindness running throughout my veins.

If there’s one thing I would like to leave you all with in this post, it’s this:

The world around us can be cold, cruel, and dark. There are people who want us to give up the faith more than anything. There are people who want us to fall down, falter, and give up.

But have heart. Have courage. Be strong. Keep the faith and let love and kindness enter inside your soul and fill you with the energy needed to invoke positive change in others.

Sprinkle sunshine always,