Don’t Forget The Cheesecake: Celebrating 30 Blog Posts With 30 Fun Facts You May Or May Not Know About Mr. Sunshine…

Well, Monday greetings everyone! It is the start to a beautiful new week! And what’s even more exciting is that this week marks my official 30th post! Where is the time going?! It has been quite the adventure thus far writing for an audience and releasing new material each Monday with topics of all shapes and sizes. I hope that each and every one of you has been enjoying the reads week after week and will only continue to come back for more sunshine, kindness, and positive energy!

Well, shall we dig right in to this week’s post?! I thought I would do something a bit different this week and share 30 “fun” facts about myself in honor of this 30th post. Hopefully, these facts will give an even more intimate glimpse at the one and only, Mr. Sunshine!

So grab your cheesecake, your favorite beverage, and keep all arms and legs inside the car at all times because here we go…it could be a bumpy ride!

1. My favorite roller coaster at HersheyPark is The Great Bear. I literally could ride it over and over again. ALL DAY.

2. My least favorite aisle to go down at the grocery store is the cereal aisle. Why, you ask? It’s because there are just too many choices and all of the boxes that surround me feel like they are invading my personal space and closing in on me–taunting me with their colorful branding and mascots on the front of the box.

3. I’ve never broken a bone in my life. I now feel like I should go knock on wood about 750,000 times because I probably jinxed myself.

4. Elevators scare me…a lot. I do not like being in them and I really dislike when they move incredibly fast. One of the reasons I’m so scared of them is because of a storyline that took place on my favorite soap opera from YEARS ago called “Passions.” Literally was my favorite to watch because it was so campy. Anyway, there was an ongoing storyline with an elevator and each day for like 18 weeks (what felt like 18 weeks), it feel down like 2 flights of a tall building and it has paralyzed me ever since. 

5. I’m terrified of flying in a plane. So, if you ever have to travel with me on one, please make sure that you bring me a sleeping pill, Xanax, or all the wine. Or all three just to be safe.

6. My favorite condiment is Mayo. Literally…LOVE mayo. SO much.

7. I feel asleep when I went to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway because I was so tired from walking around the city. It was such an ugly, wintry day and I was not wearing the proper attire at all.

8. I’ve applied and sent audition videos to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune multiple times. To go along with this, I also used to pretend to be Vanna White in my basement and “touch” the wall like it was the puzzle board and clapping as imaginary contestants played the game with me and shouted out letters and spun the wheel. I still need to get on this show because I literally am so goo at it–and I’m not just saying that. Often times when I watch at home, I know the answers because any of the actual humans playing do. 

9. I used to love going around the house during the summer when I was younger pretending to be a model on The Price is Right showcasing off items from my house as I announced them to the imaginary audience. “It’s a new dining room and piano!” (And cue fancy hand gestures that the models on the show do–I was always really good at it…and I still am if I do say so myself).

10. I don’t like to sleep in sheets. Most nights, I lay on top of my bed/comforter with a blanket.

11. I had to perform the Heimlich on my dad once, which I will never forget because I was the one in the family who stayed calm.

12. I have to shave my face in the morning every day; otherwise, something just doesn’t feel right about my day. 

13. I must leave the house wearing make-up. I wear Cover Girl liquid in a natural beige in case you were wondering.

14. I really want to learn how to perfectly twist soft serve ice cream into a cone. Literally, I see people do it and it amazes me. 

15. Growing up, I used to LOVE getting Dairy Queen cakes with Barney on them. I still LOVE Dairy Queen cakes, but I’ve grown out of getting the purple dinosaur on them.

16. I prefer Wawa coffee over Sheetz coffee, but Sheetz sandwiches over Wawa sandwiches. Hazelnut is my FAVE coffee flavor and a toasted chicken sub with spinach, cheddar cheese, tomato, mustard, and TONS of mayo is my FAVE sanwich.

17. I love fun socks and have 70+ pairs currently.

18. A big struggle for me is learning how to accept compliments. It is something I’ve never been good at and I’m still evolving learning how to do so.

19. Cranberry vodka is my go to drink at the bar. Otherwise, if I forget how to ask for one (because I’ve had too many), I usually just ask for “something fruity.”

20. My least favorite household chore is a tie between laundry and dusting.

21. Sweatpants are not something I will leave the house in unless absolutely necessary.

22. The legs are my favorite part of the body–on myself and others. I’m a leg man. It is also my favorite muscle to work at the gym. CARRIE LEGS all the way. #carrielegs

23. I do not enjoy ferris wheels. Two years ago, during Memorial weekend, I was in one with my friend Missy down at Wildwood and we got stopped at the very top while they unloaded people at the bottom. It was such a windy night and I literally think I peed myself and gripped the seat so tightly because I was terrified out of my mind.

24. My absolute favorite meal is meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

25. I’ve been out of the closet for 14 years and single for all of those except the period of about 2 months back in 2012.

26. I’m currently involved in my 23rd production at Ephrata Performing Arts Center since starting there in 2010. This includes on and off the stage.

27. My favorite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz.

28. I’m a huge fan of quality time with people I love, especially my family and closest friends.

29. I’m not a big fan of traveling–the only time I’ve been out of the United States is Mexico for some mission trips.

30. I still hold my “v card” in the deck of cards of life.

…And that’s all she wrote, folks.

Well…that’s all I wrote…for you…this week.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more with these facts.

Cheers to 30 and hopefully 30 more!

Sprinkle sunshine always,