A Memory Lane of Nostalgia

Well, another happy Monday to you all!

Hard to believe that we are starting yet another new week in the month of August! Our precious dogs days of Summer are coming to an end. That means that the season of Fall and everything pumpkin spice is just around the corner.

I’m not going to lie, but as much as I love running in heat and indulging in the sunshine, I am quite ready for fall leaves (minus the raking), and brisk, cool mornings of walking with a sweatshirt.

Anyhoo…enough about seasons! On to this week’s post!

Ever since the release of The Lion King, the word nostalgia has continued to run through my mind. I don’t know about you, but The Lion King was one of those Disney movies that left such an imprint during my childhood days growing up. And although I haven’t seen the new release of it in theaters quite yet (will be tomorrow), I can only imagine that when I do, the wave of emotions will overcome me as tears begin to fill my eyes right as the first note of Circle of Life begins to play.

With all that seems to be happening in life on the daily along with the world around us, I found it necessary to take a few moments to walk down memory lane and relish in some nostalgia for this week’s writing.

So, buckle your seat belts and get ready because here goes nothing.

This week’s post was written in the comfort of my childhood room and being surrounded by those four walls of comfort, serenity, and security brought back so much nostalgia.

It reminded me of the days in high school when I would be awoken by my alarm and the door would open with my mom popping in to make sure I was awake and getting myself ready for breakfast and the bus. It also brought back the rush of memories from the late nights that I would spend huddled up against my bed in the wee hours of the morning after getting home from rehearsal from Show Choir to complete the homework that was due the next day.

Even to this day, there are still things in my childhood room that bring back such memories during my time growing up. It’s as if it happened yesterday.

One of those objects is the stitched prayer that my family used to always have us say before we got into bed each night. It is quite familiar and you can probably recite along:

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray my Lord thy soul to keep. Guide me safely through the night, wake me with the morning light. Amen.”

That stitched prayer still hangs on my wall and even at the age of 31, saying that prayer and looking at those words, fills my soul with such a rich warmth.

Some of the other items in my room that bring back a flood of good memories are the trophies from my years in Show Choir during high school that my mom has so neatly organized with the shelves on the wall. Each trophy fills my head with memories of music, costumes, dance moves, and thrills of performing in front of an audience. The time I spent with the high school Show Choir definitely fueled my passion for keeping that part of the arts in my life alive when I went off to college.

There are also a few trophies and medals from my days of playing soccer. Yes, you did read that sentence correctly. I played sports! And quite honestly, I wasn’t that bad. Soccer is definitely something I would go back and play in a heartbeat if I could find the time to do it. My favorite position to play? Midfield. My least favorite position to play? Goalie because I would be afraid the ball would ruin my beautiful teeth…

KIDDING! Well…kind of…not really.

Well, I hope you are ready for this next section of nostalgia because it’s pretty intense. Do you have your seat belts buckled?!

Well, here goes.

Recently, my mom found in her box of goodies that she kept for me from my time growing up all the letters that I used to write to Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Louie the Leprechaun!

Yes, that’s right. I was quite the letter writer to these folks and I have the visual proof to show you. And let me tell you, my letters to these peeps were like pure gold.

Don’t believe me. Well’s let’s just read an example.

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

I lost a tooth but I don’t know now where it went. From John Paul. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Smiles.”

I know. I know. Pure gold, right?!

Well, how about this one to Santa Clause.

“Dear Santa,

I’m trying to be a good boy this year. I would like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and a new cash register for my play kitchen. If I deserve anything else, please surprise me. Billy would like anything surprise him! P.S.-you could get him anything! This year I have Mrs. Carlton as a teacher and I like her A LOT! Well gotta go! Bye! Bye!

P.S.-Say hello to Mrs. Claus for me. Also, please try and write back in the COLOR PRINTER.


John Welliver”

Nostalgia to a T right there. it was magical. It was one of those aspects of life that really defined my childhood growing up and I would not want it any other way. Such moments like searching for our Easter baskets on Easter morning, sneaking out to the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve to see what Santa had brought and making sure the cookies and milk were all finished, coming home from school and discovering that Louie the Leprechaun had made a mess of my room and left his footprints to prove it, or finding that special amount of cash under the pillow for the recent tooth that was lost.

They were all moments that defined my childhood growing up and all moments that I look back on and smile at with such passion.

There is more visual proof of the many letters that I used to write, so I hope you continue to read on.

And you’ll see a rainbow theme. Can we say foreshadowing? Haha.

I’ve recently started watching episodes of The Brady Bunch on Hulu and it brings me right back to the days when we would sit around the living room as a family and watch the exact same episodes together as a family during the Nick at Nite evening blocks of classic shows that would take place on weeknights throughout the Summer. It also brings me back to the days when I would have a “sleepover” with my mom in the living room on Saturday nights. She would sleep on the couch and I would bring my sleeping bag out to put in the living room. We would put on the TV; however, I usually didn’t last long and would fall asleep within like 10 minutes of hitting the pillow with my head.

As I sit here writing these words in my childhood room, I smile. I smile because of the memories I’ve made in the past growing up within in these 4 walls that still stick with me today and I smile because of the memories that are continuing to be made within these 4 walls as I grow older.

So, take a deep breath, buckle up your seat belt, and take a moment to stroll down memory lane to relish in some nostalgia of your past life.

I promise it will be worth your while.

Sprinkle sunshine always,