How The Crazy Pick-Up Truck Driver Reminded Me To…

Well, hello folks! Yet another Monday has decided to show its face as the dog days of August continue to bring us extreme humidity, heat, and reason to drink gallons of water.

Hopefully all of you have been staying hydrated while also getting that natural glow from the Vitamin D cascading down from the rays in the sky.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Friday afternoon started off like most Friday afternoons. I was busy with my full time job commitments right up until quitting time at 5pm.

And then I got in my car to make my way home to prepare for my evening activities.

I clciked on my seat belt, put on some Kelly Clarkson to jam out to, and blasted the AC at a level that would chill anyone to the bone in a matter of seconds.

My trek home is usually only about 15 minutes; however, with traffic and all the humans on the road, it can definitely prove to be an interesting and much longer excursion.

I was on Fruitville Pike stopped at the light right by the Belmont shopping center. I was jamming out to Kelly’s “Broken and Beatiful” not having a care in the world for anyone who might have been staring through the windows.

The light turned green and I proceeded to move as all the cars in front of me did…and there were a lot of cars…in both lanes…not moving super quick.

And all of sudden in the rear view mirror I see a guy in a pick-up truck tailgating me. I remained calm and didn’t really change my speed because there was no way to go any faster with all the cars in front of me…or shift over to the right lane.

I continued singing Kelly and could tell when I looked in the rear view again that the guy driving was very inpatient. He was mumbling what were probably choice words and moving his hands as if signaling me to drive faster, which was not possible.

Well, this pick-up truck was apparently on a mission because he switched lanes to try and get around me only to get behind other cars that were traveling at the appropriate level of speed for the area…so he got no further with his course of action.

Well, he continued his inpatient trek and decided to zig zag back and forth between lanes another 3 times where I witnessed him come close to crashing into other cars each time the shift of lanes occurred.

It was ridiculous and really got me to thinking about life.

What did the crazy pick-up driver help remind me of?

Two things.

1. To slow down. In our society, it seems like we are always on the go. While I’m quite guilty of being the person to fill my schedule with as much as possible, I’ve learned (and been reminded) to slow down, smell the roses, and give myself some time to just be me. Not the Mr. Sunshine me, but the JP me. The JP me that likes to lay on the couch to watch a classic TV show, the JP me the wants to eat ice cream straight from the carton without judgment from others, the JP me that likes to cuddle up in a blanket when the world is cold, the JP me that–when stripped down–has real emotions inside that aren’t always necessarily happiness and joy.

So…slow down. Take a moment. Take a breath. Be one with yourself.

And number two…

2. That no matter how much you want to help others, there are just some people who don’t want to follow the rules, don’t want your help, and think that there is nothing wrong with how they are doing life…and that is where you need to just let it go. This is one thing that is extremely hard for me to come to terms with, especially with the Mr. Sunshine personality because it’s in my blood to help others and want to do it on the daily. But there are times and situations where it takes a toll and a time and place to finally realize that it just needs let go. In my head, I think about the end of Titanic when “Old Rose” walks out on the boat, climbs her feet on the side rails, takes a deep breath, and throws the blue heart diamond into the deep depths of the ocean.

She learned to let go. And it’s time for me and you to do the same when the situation calls for it.

So, thank you crazy pick-up truck driver for helping to remind me to zone in with myself and remind me that I need to slow down in life and let go when the time is necessary.

The age of 31 will only be with me for one more week…

Sprinkle sunshine always,