Into The Sunset

The wind is howling it’s brisk, chilly air among the neighborhood homes as the scarf around my neck whisps up into my face and hits my cheeks that are red like cherries.

The steps my feet are taking on the cracked sidewalks start to become faster strides in hopes of getting my body to the warmth of my home.

There are leaves collected on the small patch of grass outside my front door, evident of the time that I do not put into lawn care.

I walk up the steps quickly to unlock the front door that greets visitors and passer-bys with a decadence of forest green color.

I quickly unlock the door against the violent wind and swiftly step inside and shut the door behind me.

The living room greets me with dust on the floor, boxes and boxes of Christmas gifts yet to be organized and wrapped in the corner, and several picture frames that have probably been laying on the ground for more than half a year.

And, if that isn’t bad enough, after traveling up the staircase of creaky steaps, you will find several rooms filled with “stuff”–clutter. This of course includes, but is not limited to a collection of CD’s from my childhood, coloring books, markers, crayons, books, picture frames, and both closets and drawers filled to the brim with clothes–some of which I don’t even wear anymore.

Or, from the back room of the house you can look out the window to the backyard that is once again evidence of all the time that I do not put into lawn care beauty and organization.

Each time I walk into one of these rooms or look outside at the nature elements of my home, my anxiety starts to rise just a bit as the minimalist part of my personality starts to scream a little.

And, then I realize that 2020 is right around the corner and that it will be a true year of renewal for me.

The walls and roof that enclose my casa are not perfect, but they do keep me warm and safe.

My life is not perfect. I don’t try to act like it is nor do I try to pretend that it is.

It isn’t.


In 30 days, I will be saying goodbye to the Mr. Sunshine social media persona for a little bit of time. While I’m not certain how long of a period I will be gone from the worlds of Facebook and Instagram, I know in my heart that it is something I need to do in order to better myself and push forward in personal growth.

I will continue to blog and release new posts on Monday, so those of you that follow me will hopefully continue to do so as I embark on this journey of self-management and improvement.

Is this goodbye? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I need to take time where I put myself first for once, which is something that I have rarely done in my 32 years on this Earth.

2020 will be the year that changes that.

T minus 20 days until Mr. Sunshine goes into the sunset.

Sprinkle sunshine always,