But Like, Christmas Eve Is Tomorrow…

Christmas Eve is literally tomorrow.


As in like Tuesday…the day that comes after today, which is Monday.

It’s a sentence that I’ve been saying for like weeks, but it is now finally holding true.


A traditional Christmas Eve service complete with candlelight, the Christmas story, and the singing of my favorite hymns has always been a tradition that I’ve enjoyed immensely since as long as I can remember.

There is just something about the service that gets me right in the heart and fills my soul with an emotion of feeling unlike anything else in this world.

I’m telling you…there is nothing quite like singing the words to Silent Night while witnessing a church full of candlelight, in the dark, and the voices sing out the lyrics of the beloved hymn.


And for those of who know me, I start planning the Christmas Eve service early in the year…like Valentine’s Day.

Real talk.

Christmas Eve in Penryn is no joke.

And this year is going to be even more special and meaningful because of the vote our congregation took back on December 8th to become a Reconciling in Christ church.

The first Lutheran Church in Lancaster County to do so.

This Christmas Eve night will be even more special than the ones in year’s past and I’m excited for the opportunity to share that experience with everyone who decides to walk through the doors of our little church that night.

The lyrics that we will sing to our favorite Christmas hymns are going to have even more meaning for me this year.

The candles we will light together will be even more symbolic.

We will be the light.


We will be the light for this world and anyone feeling darkness in their lives.


So, please join our church family tomorrow at 6:30pm for our Christmas Eve service.

It is a tradition that welcomes ALL people regardless of their social status, physical ability, religion, ethnicity, race, or sexual identity.

Together, we will discover the light of Christmas.

I hope to see you there.

All. Are. Welcome.

Sprinkle sunshine always,