Sunshine Quarantine: Looking Through The Window & Learning About Me

Well, folks. We have officially started the first full week of April. It certainly doesn’t feel like Easter is only days away, but the calendar that I cross off each day on the wall of my house and in my planner certainly aren’t lying.

It’s funny because a lot of weeks, I don’t feel inspired to write the words that you read on a newly-released Monday blog until the Sunday before. And most times, it is right before the bewitching hour of 12 midnight when I turn into a pumpkin…

…or in most cases, the bewitching hour that gives me a second wind.

But that is another story for another week.

And, before I get any further on this week’s blog post, I would like to re-iterate a few sentences from last week’s blog post that I want to stress each week moving forward.

My heart goes out to those who have passed away from this virus. My heart goes out to all of those who are currently suffering and fighting to get well. My heart goes out to everyone who has been directly and indirectly affected by this virus. My heart goes out to all people who are working the front lines to restore health and well-being to the world around us. My heart goes out to all of us who are working to navigate the unknown on the daily with feelings of anxiety and despair.”

It’s hard to believe that we are anticipated to be in quarantine through the end of April…and that isn’t even something that is guaranteed especially given the circumstances of how things change on the daily.

And as I sit looking through the window to an outside world in lock down of fear, panic, and unknown, I look to myself and realize that during these last couple of weeks of quarantine, I’ve learned and solidified a few things about myself that I share with you today.

I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and what I’ve experienced the past couple of weeks is no different. If anything, this quarantine has helped strip me of any insecurities that might have still be lingering around Sunshine Cottage.

So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to travel with me through the twists and turns of the tracks from my quarantine life. Sounds like a reality show doesn’t it?!

What I’ve learned about myself from the quarantine.

  1. I still do not enjoy cooking anymore than I did prior to quarantine life. But like seriously…give me frozen TV dinners or Campbell’s chili that I can heat up in the microwave. Go ahead. Judge me. I don’t care. Byeeeeeeeeee.
  2. I am not a work at home person. While I’m certainly both grateful and blessed that I have the opportunity to continue working during this time, I just am not someone who could do this long-term on the daily. I’m ever so grateful for technology and the video chats I’ve been able to experience with coworkers, but there is just something about the office atmosphere that really warms my heart and ignites my soul. And the day when we get back there…I might just stand by my desk and cry tears of joy.
  3. Even with extra time on my hands, I still have not found my green thumb. Feel free to walk by my house at any given time and you will experience a small square patch of grass that is great for hiding Easter eggs right now and weeds that could afford some tending to by delicate hands that are just not on the list of things Mr. Sunshine enjoys. Sorry not sorry. And once again, you can judge me if you will, but outside beautifying of the casa has never been something important to me. Not a priority. I mean…I love watching HGTV, but when it comes to the real thing, I’m like…BYEEEEEEE.
  4. I miss working and being at the theater. The Ephrata Performing Arts Center has become a second home to me and not being involved in a show is incredibly hard. I’m currently scheduled to stage manage a Summer play production and I hope and pray that it is something that can still be produced. Having the fast-paced schedule of rehearsals helps me to thrive in life by completing tasks in an efficient, timely manner. And I miss the family feel that comes from seeing the smiling faces of the friends that I’ve made over the decade of time I’ve been involved with productions since my first one in 2010.
  5. I very much enjoy alone time. While I am very much an extrovert and outgoing person…breaking news I know…it’s like jaw drop to the floor information, I’ve learned that I need a little bit of time every now and then away from the hustle and bustle to be alone. To disconnect from my phone and just be me. Color, read, meditate, lay on the floor and close my eyes, cuddle in a blanket on the couch…the possibilities are endless. And I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy time with people because I do–I love socializing and talking and getting to know others, but the alone time is something that I must do for myself in order to balance out the perfect harmony of the Mr. Sunshine personality.
  6. I have found an even greater appreciation for my friends and family. We should never take anything for granted these days and experiencing this pandemic has really made me look at the people in my life around me. Who are the ones that truly matter? Who are the ones that are actually pushing me to be a better person? Who are the ones that take me for granted? If you haven’t taken a few moments in your life during this quarantine to think about who in your life is important and who in your life doesn’t belong, I encourage you to do so. It will help your personal, spiritual, and mental growth as an individual.
  7. I miss hugging people. Like a lot. I’m a natural hugger of people (even if it is someone that I just met) and a natural pecker on the cheek. It’s just who I am…and I embrace it. But this time of not being able to show that love and express it in physical ways that are most comfortable for me has been extremely hard. Not receiving a hug from my mom whenever I visit is just difficult. Not being able to hug my friends that I love and miss is borderline sadness, pit in stomach. I can’t wait for the day when I can do this again. It might be another one of those moments where I hug and refuse to let go of you for at least 2 minutes, so I apologize in advance. Make sure you tell people in your life that you love them and appreciate them, especially now. Don’t take anything for granted.
  8. I like simple things. Give me my Golden Girls every night on Hulu (even if I seen each episode 25,000 times), some crayons and coloring books to pass the time, and a good book to cuddle up with and I’m set. I don’t need luxurious or expensive “stuff”–so please…take a mental note. Mr. Sunshine is a simpleton.
  9. I am not truly thriving in my life or truly fulfilled if I am not helping others. I’m a doer of kindness. I’m a doer of spreading sunshine. And if I’m not doing that, I just don’t feel like myself. So MARK MY WORDS. By the time this pandemic is all said and done, I will…and I mean WILL have a new task to release for changing the world. You can bet your bottom dollar. And it won’t disappoint. My true passion in this world comes from helping others and bringing joy to the lives of others and being quarantined has really brought to light that fact even more so than what was already possibly staring in my face. So, be on the lookout because Mr. Sunshine will be releasing something come 2021. But until that time, you will just have to wait.

So, what’s this all to say? I’m imperfect and I embrace the imperfection? Yes, there might be weeds in the front and back yard, dust on the floor, paint chips on the wall, mismatched pillows on the couch, and picture frames that aren’t hanging straight on the walls…and if that is something you are going to judge me on…well then…maybe you aren’t deserving of Mr. Sunshine. Imperfections make us beautiful humans and during this time of quarantine and self reflection, maybe you can also learn to embrace the imperfections around you and in your life.

Well, we’ve arrived back at the station. Hope you enjoyed your ride and getting to experience some of the twists and turns of my quarantine life that have helped me to solidify who Mr. Sunshine truly is.

Please stay safe, stay home, tell others in your life you love them., and have the faith to pray that all of this will be over sooner rather than later.

Sprinkle sunshine always,