Stop, Drop, and Breathe.




Social Distancing.





These words along with many others have now decided to creep their way into our vocabulary as we continue to live out this quarantine.

And, if we are being honest, there have definitely been some moments where this quarantine has gotten the best of me.

This past week, I let myself down by feeling anxious about things that don’t matter…things outside of my control. It was a clear indication that I needed a mental recharge. A push of the reset button so to speak.

What’s funny though is that in these moments of unknown, uncertainty, and anxiety that I (along with many of you) are feeling, I get a chance to step back and discover joy in simple things even more.

And what’s even better is that simple things seem to find their way into our lives when we need them most.

Here are just a few examples of what I got to experience this week:

On my run around Lancaster City on Monday, I came across this beautifully designed sidewalk with a quote that was just what I needed to hear. How perfect of a moment it was for me to witness this. And how perfect of a reminder that we all need during these current times that we are experiencing. Just remember, that through it all, every little thing is gonna be alright.

And, as if that sidewalk quote wasn’t perfect enough, I came across the below also during my run through Lancaster City. The simplest of words, but the greatest of meanings. Just don’t forget that with hope we can do anything. The darkness might be showing its ugly face to us on the daily, but we have to remember to combat it with the hope that we find within ourselves…deep inside our heart and soul.

And while it didn’t feel like Easter this year, I was able to still worship with my church family virtually. Vicar Angie reminded us that Easter is not just one day, buy everyday. The beauty, love, and hope of God and his resurrection for us can be found in the simplest of things every single day. I had the opportunity to see some members of the church in person since we did a social distance drive by allowing members to place fresh flowers by the cross. It was an emotional moment and realization for me because I can’t wait to be able to worship in person with them again–to sing my heart out with them again, to smile with them again, to just be together again.

In the coming weeks, each time I feel myself starting to feel like one of the words that I listed in the beginning of this post, I will plan to do the following:

Stop, drop, and breathe.

And, coupled with this mantra will be the one that I continue to partake in each day that I get up to live out my life:

Begin each day with a grateful heart.

Because even though we are living in a world of unknown at the moment, there is so much in our lives that we should be grateful for.

What am I grateful for? There are just too many things to mention, but here are just a few:

-My family and friends that make my life extraordinary with their love, compassion, and laughs.

-My jobs that allow me to continue working from home during this challenging time.

-My church family that builds each other up in faith, compassion, and kindness.

-The roof over my head that keeps me safe, warm, and comfortable.

And the list goes on and on…you get the picture.

I don’t know how long what we are experiencing will last.

I don’t know what the future holds in store for us.

But what I do know is that if you are feeling thoughts of anxiety and fear, that I would encourage you to join me in stopping, dropping, and breathing.

And to begin each day with a grateful heart because it will help give you both the mental recharge and reset you need to make it through the days ahead.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And remember to take a moment to thank all those helping in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sprinkle sunshine always,