Two Simple Words.

Well, hello there!

We have reached yet another Monday in the year of 2021!

And we are officially just 10 days away from me turning the big 3-4!


Anyway, let’s get down to this week’s post, shall we?

There has been so much that has happened in the past week around the world that has me saddened, scared, fearful, nervous…literally all the negative adjectives.

And it got me thinking.

And I was driving through the back roads on the country side of Lititz after the storm Wednesday evening, I had an epiphany moment of what I was going to write about.

So, here goes.

Grab that morning coffee and get ready!

Have you ever thought as you go about your daily life how just simple two words can really pack a punch or make a REALLY big difference in the life of someone?

Two word phrases like “I’m sorry” or “get vaccinated” are ones that seem to be quite prevalent in our lives as we go about living these days.

But the two word phrase that I’m going to touch on this week is…

Thank you.

That’s right.

Thank you.

Two words that can really make the biggest difference in the lives of so many and two words that should be part of our daily vocabulary, but often words that are forgotten about these days.

And as I was driving around looking at the many tree limbs lying on the ground and flood waters after the wrath of Mother Nature during her storm, I started to think about all the people in our lives in this world that we need to extend a thank you too.

So, here goes.


-To all the medical and healthcare workers who are fighting on the daily to keep people healthy of all ages, especially during the COVID crisis. They continue to show up for work despite being overworked and exhausted.

-To all the individuals who work at the grocery stores to allow us to continue buying food that nourishes our body and keeps us going.

-To all the individuals who are packing the many packages we purchase in their respective warehouses.

-To all the individuals who deliver above said packages.

-To our families who love us unconditionally even if we drive them crazy.

-To our friends who make us laugh, cry, and that we enjoy spending time with.

-To our faith communities that help us keep worship time alive during these unknown times.

-To the janitorial staffs of buildings that continue to keep all spaces that we encounter on the daily clean, safe, and sanitized.

-To those who drive all modes of public transportation–buses, trains, planes, taxis, Ubers, etc.

-To all the people who work in restaurants that work their butts off to allow us to continue eating tasty food.

-To those who work in gyms and any other fitness aspect that keep us moving, working out our bodies, and striving to keep us healthy humans.

-To the troops who are stationed all across the world who work to keep us safe.

-To police officers who keep an eye on our communities to make sure they are a safe place for all while risking their lives to do so.

-To firefighters who risk their lives every day and battle disasters of all kinds.

-To those who work at the Dunkin’ Donuts that I populate to make sure that I still have the opportunity to get my morning coffee when I need it most.

-To those who work in the arts to make that the elements of live entertainment are still available to everyone.

-To nurses, doctors, and all healthcare professionals whose goal is to keep everyone in life healthy.

-To our coworkers who make getting out of bed in the morning easier and the 8 hour work days fly by!

-To our parents who have offered guidance, support, love, and whatever else we have asked for and needed.

-To our besties who have been there during our best and worst times and have not left our side.

-To the individuals who are responsible for picking up both our trash and recycling on a weekly basis.

-To the teachers who taught us without question about all subjects from math, science, to English and home economics.

-To all of the individuals who have supported me thus far in my Miles 4 Smiles campaign this year.

I could continue to go on and on and list multipe entities that we should all be extending a heart-felt thank you to on the daily. And I’m quite sure I’ve probably forgotten multiple people worthy of the thank you as well from this list.

And as The Golden Girls theme song reminds us…

THANK YOU for being a friend.

Who do you have in your life to thank?

What entities this week will be the recipients of the two simple worlds that can make all the difference.

Who is next on your list to say thank you?

Don’t delay.

These two simple words can make the biggest difference.

Sprinkle sunshine always,