Three. Three.

Well, hello there folks!

Another happy Monday to you all! Another week down and another one beginning!

This past week has been draining with all the negative news happening around the world that it has been hard to not focus on that.

My prayers and good vibes go out to everyone who has experienced floods, turmoil, violence, war, takeover in their Country–whatever the case might be. It has just been a lot.

So, this week in my final days of being 33, I decided I had to just make this blog post fun and flirty!

Well, technically this post isn’t flirty, but it coupled well with fun and gave me the alliteration with using another word that started with an ‘f’ so I went with it.

Hopefully, you’ll go with it too.

Let’s do some fun facts about me…33 of them!

Grab that morning beverage sidekick and get ready to learn even more about Mr. Sunshine.

#33: The candle scent currently burning as I write this is watermelon lemonade.

#32: The current body lotion scent from Bath & Body Works that I’m obsessed with is called bourbon.

#31: In January of 2022, I will be taking my first trip ever to Las Vegas.

#30: My favorite type of milk to drink is the Weis Markets brand of whole chocolate milk. It’s like a signature collection item according to the label. Fancy.

#29: The temperature that I keep my air conditioner set at during the Summer is 76 degrees.

#28: Pink Starburst are my favorite.

#27: Speaking of Starburst, I love that they have a “fave reds” bag. I wish Tootsie would do the same thing with their lollipops.

#26: I literally love cheese so much that I can eat an entire tray of the Cracker Barrel extra sharp yellow cheese slices in one sitting.

#25: The shaving cream that I’m currently using for my face is Skintimate strawberry tangerine twist. Doesn’t that make you want to go eat fruit?! Oh wait…am I the only one?

#24: I’m a brand snob when it comes to Ranch dressing and prefer Hidden Valley over all other brands.

#23: Sometimes at night, I really struggle with restless legs and it is SO annoying.

#22: I really wish Wawa would add french fries to their menu.

#21: Speaking of Wawa, I love their mashed potatoes.

#20: The last 10 minutes of The Golden Girls series finale makes me cry every time regardless of how many times I’ve seen it.

#19: The other morning after dealing with water in my basement, I discovered that my washer wouldn’t power on and I thought it was because water might have gotten inside it. So, I found the manual and read the troubleshooting tips. I then discovered that the electrical cord had jiggled out of the socket. This was the first time I read troubleshooting tips for use of something in my home. And honestly, it could even be the last.

#18: I will never forget the night when I was in high school working at Freeze N Frizz and the soft ice cream machine exploded and soft serve mix oozed out from the machine all over the floor right after I had cleaned it. It was like an exploding volcano and because I only had a TracPhone at the time, I was unable to snap a video, which makes me sad that it was not documented.

#17: I’m the worst at going grocery shopping because I often times walk out the door with more items than what it is on my list. For example, on Saturday, I went in wanting to buy a donut something for lunch. I left with a donut, macaroni and cheese, pop tarts, cheddar cheese slices, makeup, Swedish fish, Sweet Tart gummy ropes, Dr. Pepper, and a can of the Coke with coffee beverage. By the way, I actually really enjoy the Coke with coffee beverage…go give it a whirl.

#16: I miss the days of Vanna White turning letters and not touching them on Wheel of Fortune.

#15: I dislike the fact that passwords have to be changed so often. I’m also the person that has to click the “forgot password?” like 57840379 times.

#14: My favorite TV show theme is the one from The Brady Bunch.

#13: I have lots of dreams that involve airplanes.

#12: Speaking of airplanes, flying makes me super anxious.

#11: In order to be able to sleep at night, I need to be covered–usually with a cuddly blanket.

#10: Big cracks of thunder still scare me.

#9: On my commute to work last week, I listened to Elle King’s “America’s Sweetheart” on repeat.

#8: I would love to take over for Ellen DeGeneres’ when she ends her talk show next year.

#7: Peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks are always items that I want to get even when they are “not in season.”

#6: I don’t know how to tie a neck tie or bowtie.

#5: I call it ‘soda’ and not ‘pop’ and ‘sprinkles’ and not ‘jimmies.’

#4: The voicemail message on my cell phone tells people to leave a message along with something that they are grateful for.

#3: My favorite holiday tradition in December is the Christmas Eve service.

#2: My least favorite household chore is dusting while my favorite is washing dishes.

#1: The culmination of my Miles 4 Smiles year-long journey will end with me running the equivalent of a full marathon (26.2 miles) around Lancaster County for the first time ever in my life.

Cheers to these final 4 days as a 33 year-old!

Sprinkle sunshine always,