Above All Else, Be Kind.

Well, folks.

I guess it is time for me to wish you a happy Monday yet again.

We have officially hit the Fall season, tenth month of the year, and sweater weather.

Oh…and pumpkin everything in case you forgot or haven’t experienced the basic PSL that everyone these days seems to be obsessed with and can’t get enough of.

Well, enough about pumpkin.

Should we talk about Christmas instead?

Because in case you haven’t noticed, Christmas decorations (specifically trees) have started to make their appearance in local stores everywhere.

Does that make anyone anxious?

Or is that just me?

Joy to the world, everyone!

Anyhoo, we are not talking about pumpkin or Christmas this week.

Sorry not sorry.

But what I am going to talk about is something that is super critical during ALL seasons, ALL holidays, ALL days of our lives.

It seems impossible anymore these days to not experience a moment of hatred or rudeness as we go about living out life.

Whether it is opening a website to read a news article, experiencing the wrath of a customer over the phone yelling and screaming, or witnessing humans belittling each other in some public space, it just seems like the entity of kindness has become forgotten in more ways than one.

There are days when I become drained just because I see how far gone our world, our Country, and our communities really are.

Political differences have deepened wounds among us.

Topics such as masks and vaccines result in exchanges of intense debate and negativity.

And violence seems to erupt too easily more often than not.

People feel entitled to everything and think because of that, they can yell, scream, and assume everyone not at “their level” is beneath them and deserves to be treated as such.

It’s sad.

It’s scary.

It’s draining.

It’s disheartening.

But it’s something we can change.

Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It is also defined as performing a kind act.

So, where’s the kindness?

Where’s the friendly, generous, and considerate attitude that we should be using throughout all moments of our lives?

Where in your life can you incorporate more kindness?

Can you let that friend in your life you haven’t talked to you in awhile know that you miss them and really appreciate them?

Can you pay for the person behind you the next time you are in a drive-thru?

Can you greet someone with a smile that you only just met in passing?

Can you help that older individual carry their groceries from cart to their car?

No matter who we are, each day presents an opportunity for us to be kind to someone else.

Being kind is something that continues to be overshadowed in our world by all the negative news, violence, and hatred that bears its ugly face constantly and consistently.

Being kind is ALWAYS in fashion and it is something that be displayed to everyone regardless of their color, sexual orientation, religion, social status, ethnicity—or whatever the case might be.


No exceptions.

Regardless of your political affiliation…BE KIND.

Regardless of your opinion on masks…BE KIND.

Regardless on your opinion about vaccines…BE KIND.

Regardless of whether or not you approve of me being a gay man…BE KIND.

The world seems to be going to shit. (I know…not very Mr. Sunshiney.)

But we can stop that.

It starts with you.

It starts with me.

Stop judging the book by its cover.

Stop yelling and automatically disagreeing without opening your hearts first to listen.

Stop creating judgment about someone without leading with love.

And above all else, be kind.

Sprinkle sunshine always,