Mine…Yours…Ours…The World’s Golden Girl

A happy Monday to all of you!

Welcome to the first official Mr. Sunshine blog post of 2022.

I hope all of you were able to enjoy some time with loved ones ringing in the new year while also sending some love and toasting to our beloved golden girl, Betty.

That’s right, folks.

This week’s blog post is a tribute and toast to our beloved Betty who passed away on Friday at the age of 99.

I have to say that my friends know me so well because on Friday, I received multiple text messages complete with crying tears emoji and the words of “are you ok?”

I froze and thought to myself…what is happening.

And then, it came to me.

Something happened to Betty White.

Sure enough, Google confirmed the words I thought was a prank to end the year known as 2021.

“Betty White Dead At 99.”

I’ve always said to myself that when Betty White were to pass away, I was going to need some time off, so how fitting that I do not have to work today.

The stars aligned.

It should come as no surprise that Betty White has (and always will be) one of my biggest Mr. Sunshine role models.

There are so many wonderful adjectives that describe her–we could all make our own lists that would go on and on, but here are just a few that come to my mind:

-Compassionate, kind, warm, classy, funny, golden, forever young, St. Olaf, cheesecake, witty, ally, lover of animals

We could be here for hours…actually YEARS writing words about her.

So, in the spirit of celebrating her life, I wanted to share some of my favorite clips of Betty that I hope will bring you some smiles and warmth when you need it most.

The Best Bloopers Of Betty:

My Favorite Interview Of Betty: A Class Act:

Betty White And Her SNL Opening Monologue:

Betty White Defends The Gay Community:

Betty White And Her Hot In Cleveland Surprise Flash Mob For Her 93rd Birthday:

Betty White Wins Favorite TV Icon At People’s Choice Awards:

70th Emmy Awards Honoring Our Beloved Betty:

My Favorite Betty Tribute:

Kindness and Compassion: Betty’s Greatest Entities:

2015 Lifetime Achievement Award:

So, cheers to you, Betty.

Our first lady of television.

Our very favorite Golden Girl.

Hope you are enjoying a slice of cheesecake in heaven.

Thank you for being a friend…

Sprinkle sunshine always,