The Grinding Of Gears

Well, hello folks!

A very happy Monday to all of you!

I hope you (depending on where in the world you might be reading this) survived the blast of Mother Nature’s chill that she decided to throw in several areas and states across the Country.

I will admit that it was super nice to see 2022’s first snow…

…minus the shoveling.

…minus the super, super, chilly temperatures of like 2 degrees.


Where is Summer?

Anyhoo, currently I’m on the couch wrapped in a blanket with a strawberry lemonade candle burning, creating a packing list of items for the carry-on bags that will be hitting up a plane this Friday for VEGAS!





I’m sure there will be stories and pictures to accompany the trip, but for now I’ll just take a Xanax for the plane rides.

Or a glass of wine.

Or two.

Or three.

I make my apologies in advance now to Devin for any crazy antics that occur on the plane rides to and from Vegas.

But like…

…I also CAN’T WAIT.

Anyhoo, I digress.

Once again.

Let’s get to this week’s post.

And it is a quick one.

On Saturday night, I hit up El Serrano (WHICH IS JUST SO AMAZING) for some food and drinks with beautiful coworkers of mine.

We had a reservation for 6:30pm and got the opportunity to stand in the lobby for a bit while we waited for our table to be ready.

So, of course that meant people watching.

One of my favorite past times.

Next to watching The Golden Girls of course.

Well, while we waited, we heard the hostess–who was no older than 16–mention that they were understaffed and a bit overwhelmed with trying to get everyone seated while also getting take-out orders handled in a timely fashion.

And while we stood there, we witnessed a man make a few comments to the hostess because he was upset that his take-out order was not ready yet.

He made a few rude remarks, held up his phone to the hostess and said, “So, you took my money and told me my order would be ready at 6:30pm.”

The hostess kept her cool and mentioned that they were understaffed and apologized for the delay. She also mentioned that they were doing their best to finalize all orders and that 25% would be discounted from the total because of the wait.

It just wasn’t good enough for the individual and he continued to push and make rude remarks which also included the statement that he couldn’t understand “why the restaurant could be understaffed when there were 6 kids at the hostess stand.”

The girl, once again, apologized and mentioned that they were not old enough to work in the kitchen, which was one of the entities that was feeling the heat from the understaff issues.

The girl eventually had to step away because she started to cry.

It took me (and my coworkers) a lot to hold our tongues.

But in our world today, one of the things that constantly goes through the mind is the fact that sticking up for either yourself or someone else could possibly lead to violence because you just never know.

Isn’t it sad that one of the first thoughts that went through my head was the fact that the guy who was making the scene could be holding a gun?

I know it sounds crazy, but like I said earlier…you just never know.

Anyhoo, when we left, we made sure to let the hostess girl know that she did a fantastic job handling herself and that the guy was a dick. and that the guy was a dick…pardon my language.

And, this experience I had on Saturday evening led me to these words for you to read today.

Our world is in a very tough spot right now. Workers in all fields are exhausted, working their butts off for hours upon hours and have to experience rude remarks from those who just don’t get it.

Or don’t seem to care.

Businesses are understaffed.

Have a little extra patience.

And please, please, please, remember to BE KIND to the people who decide to show up on the daily to work the tireless and thankless jobs that keep our society running.

That’s all.

Sprinkle sunshine always,