No. Words.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Another week of the year has ended and we are officially starting the last week of June!


Literally July 4th is like tomorrow.

I just don’t understand how the time flies by so quickly.

Anyhoo, let’s get down to business.

I sit here writing these words to you from my bed with a throbbing headache that I’m hoping will go away with the glorious entity that we call sleep.

And, to be honest, I have no words..

This week’s post will be short and sweet.

Because Mr. Sunshine is lacking the positive energy and right things to say.

I can’t help but shake the feeling that our Country is moving backwards.

The recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade has me speechless, mad, pissed off, and just angry at the world.

The polarization of political parties is becoming even more evident in our everyday lives.

It is exhausting.

It is draining.

It is discouraging.

The past couple of nights, I have shut my eyes, but can’t shake the feeling that my rights as a member of the LGTBQ+ community are the next to come under fire.

I fear for the future.

And that is the God honest truth. .

This week, I pray that I can find some positive energy to help me lessen the fear that I have for the future .

Sprinkle sunshine always.