Kindness DOES Actually Pay Off

Hi again, folks!

A very happy TUESDAY to all of you! I know that I usually post on Mondays; however, with the Fourth of July holiday, I felt it more appropriate to post one day later.

With that being said, I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday and hopefully some hot dogs…or other delicious picnic food.

A HUGE thank you to all the men, women, and other individuals who have fought and continue to fight for our Country and its freedom.

Anyway, I normally wait until the last minute usually to blog for all of you because I seem to do better with words when I procrastinate; however, there was a moment that occurred last Monday which I just couldn’t resist to write about because it brought the biggest smile to my face…

…and was a real-life moment that proves kindness does in fact pay off!

June 22nd started off like any other evening at The Ephrata Performing Arts Center. It was the start of the final week of shows for The Crucible and I was on House Managing duty while my co-partner in crime Jamie was bartending.

Oh, and did I mention that Jonathan Groff showed up too?!


Anyhow, that is actually not the real reason I’m blogging.

Keep reading.

Do you need to refill your blogging beverage?!

Now is the time to do it.

So, let’s keep moving with how kindness truly pays off.

At the end of the show, our Artistic Director, Ed Fernandez came out to the lobby asking for assistance because a patron had fallen.

I calmly walked into the theater to find our Sound Technician, Grant and Jonathan Groff helping an older gentleman down the steps. e

I took over for Grant and while walking with the patron, Jonathan and I were being conversational with him asking him what shows he had seen at the theater and also what he thought of the show he had just seen.

Vincent was incredibly kind and sweet (as was Jonathan) and I took Vincent to the box office to fill out an incident report to make sure everything was documented.

I asked him a few general questions and walked him to his car to make sure he got there safely.

We talked about his favorite shows and he mentioned “Anything with Mr. Young” in it. That of course means the fabulous actor, Sean Young who most recently had graced the EPAC stage in the 2019 production of Ragtime.

Vincent was very appreciative of everything and I ended our walk to his car with salutations hoping to see him again soon.

Well, kidness paid off.


Our Box Office Manager, Kristen emailed the EPAC staff on Monday letting us know that Vincent had sent the theater a handwritten note with a $500 donation because of the kindness he had experienced after his fall at the theater.

He brought the biggest smile to my face and was proof that it costs nothing to be kind…and the reward of what can come of it is priceless.

I have included the picture of Vincent’s kind note below in hopes that it will also bring the biggest smile to your face while also encouraging you to continue being kind to ALL.

Our world needs us to display kindness more than ever.

Just remember that it costs nothing to be kind and it can be the simplest of tasks–from opening the door for someone to having conversation and walking beside an elderly individual to make sure they get to their car safely.

Sprinkle sunshine always,