Gratitude Attitude

Happy Monday folks!

Here we are…another Monday…another August day of Summer!

Let’s get right down to business!

And I’m going to keep this week short!

In the past week, I’ve experienced multiple moments where people have mentioned to me how much they enjoy my blog.

I’ve been told by multiple sources how much they appreciate my positive energy and how much of an impact it has had on them.

How glorious that makes me feel.

It is incredibly humbling.


And in a world where darkness is always at the forefront of life, I CRAVE positive energy and I always hope and pray that positive energy is what I give off.

Our world needs us to practice attitudes of gratitude.

And here are just a few things I’m grateful for…

1. My multiple jobs that give me a career and keep me busy and fulfilled.

2. The roof over my head that keeps me safe.

3. Friends and family that love me for who I am.

4. A roommate who is extremely hard working and helpful.

5. A church family who supports the ever changing needs of the faith community.

6. A local theater where I feel at home.

7. Love and support from all walks of life.

8. Entities that keep us cool in extreme heat.

9. Ice cream and sweeets.

10. All of YOU who support me and come back week after week to read my words.

Our world needs love.

Our world needs us to practice attitudes of gratitude.

Where is your attitude of gratitude?

Let’s be grateful together.

Sprinkle sunshine always,