Soaking Summer Sun

Hi there, folks!

Happy official first day of August!

And welcome to another Mr. Sunshine Smiles, the blog post!

To be exact, this is post #179!

I started this site back on August 28, 2018…like CRAZY!

That means I’m almost ready to celebrate 4 years of writing posts for you to read.

And seriously…truly…I can’t thank all of you enough for coming back week after week to share in these words that I absolutely writing for you to read every week.

Thanks for the constant love and support. It really does mean a lot to me, so thank you, thank you…


Well, let’s get to this week’s post…shall we?!


Sweet Summer.

The time for sunshine, sand, waves, tan skin, soft serve ice cream, pool days, outdoor barbecues, family picnics, corn on the cob, fireworks, mini golf…

I could just keep going and going and I’m sure you could also add numerous items to this list.

Well, this week’s blog post is all about a few entities that I encourage you to checkout in these next couple weeks of Summer that I know will give you that extra punch of sunshine and energy you need when it is needed most.

The Spongebob Musical, Ephrata Performing Arts Center–August 4th-15th (varied times)
-While I will be the first to admit that I was never a fan of Spongebob Squarepants as a cartoon and never really watched in on TV ever, I am thoroughly enjoying watching the musical version that has taken over the stage at EPAC. It is impossible to not smile and laugh when watching the talented cast perform on the stage for audiences. The lights, costumes, music, sound, props, cast–everything is just so vibrant and fun that I promise you won’t be disappointed. The show runs about 2 1/2 hours and has a 15 minute intermission, but there is also a fun specialty cocktail (for both adults and children) that Jamie and I would LOVE to make you as well at the bar which is new this year! Show times are either 7:30pm and 8pm and a full schedule along with tickets can be purchased at

Live music with Dan Heilman, St. Paul Penryn Backyard–August 13th (7pm)
-The Backyard at St. Paul was born out an idea from Pastor Angie and some other individuals to create an outdoor space for ALL to gather and feel welcome, safe, loved, and supported. While the events this year have not been as well attended as in the past, they have been enjoyable for those that have attended and a wealth of opportunity to learn about individuals, their background, and build new relationships on the foundations of love and caring. A food truck and Mount Gretna Brewery beer will be available and all are welcome. We ask that you bring either non perishable items for our food pantry/ministry along with a lawn chair or blanket to sit out under the lights and enjoy the fellowship and music.

St. Paul Penryn Community Picnic, Penryn Picnic Grove–August 20th (4-7pm)
-One of my favorite traditions every Summer that I always look forward to is this one. And while it has changed over the years and might look a bit different, the feeling that it provides has not changed. Growing up, this was always the tradition that I looked forward to the most because it was always a special way to end the Summer season. It is always a fun time to relax in nature, enjoy some grub and dessert from the food trucks, listen to the music from The Malta Band, and enjoy the fellowship of friends and community.

Well, folks. That’s all I’ve got for you.

As we enter this Summer month of August, I hope that each and every one of you will take time to cherish the moments of Summer that you relish in and enjoy most.

And I hope that you will take some time to experience some of the three things that I’ve listed above.


Sweet Summer.

Sprinkle sunshine always,