The Carousel Of Life

Happy Monday, folks!

And welcome to the last Monday post of July because next week officially kicks off August!

The eighth month of the 2022 year…my birthday month…the best month basically!

But like, can we just pause for a moment and talk about how it is already the end of July??

That means tomorrow is basically Christmas.

I can’t.

Anyhoo, let’s get down to business!

I’m currently waiting for the dryer to finish the load of laundry I just completed since I was lucky enough to have a few days away with my friend Abby at Fenwick Island in Delaware.

What a cute area. Would definitely recommend it to anyone and would definitely go back in the future.

Speaking of dryers…am I the only who loves the smell of dryer sheets?

Like I love that smell.

And I also love the warmth and smell that escapes from the outside vent of the house when the dryer is running.


I digress.

So sorry.

Stay with me.

Let’s talk about carousels…the classic merry-go-round.

But first, let’s start with the official definition from

-Noun: A revolving machine with model horses or other animals on which people ride for amusement.

Pretty solid definition if you ask me.

I always remember loving the carousel growing up when my family would go to Hersheypark.

It was always one of the first rides that we would see when entering the park and always had the familiar carousel music playing on repeat.

And I always–ALWAYS without fail wanted to ride a horse that went up and down. I never wanted it to be a horse that stayed stationery.

Sounds like my life.

I always want to be going up and down and never stationery.

The beauty of navigating life is just like a carousel.

As I get closer to turning 35, I often spend more time thinking about cheesy cliches that I can use to parallel with life.

And boom!

That is where I landed on the carousel.

We are all on our own journeys—our own carousel ride.

We are listening for the distinctive tune of the music to welcome us for the journey to jump on our very own novelty horse.

Where we get on and get off…nobody knows!

It is all up to us.

Will you get on a horse that goes up more often than down?

How will you defy the ups and downs of the horse you have decided to ride in life?

Recently, I was on the horse that was going up for quite some time, but found it’s way going down just a few weeks ago.

So…here I am…riding the horse once again trying to find the next up to life.

What is the horse of my career telling me?

What is the horse of my romantic relationship and dating life telling me?

What is the horse of my house telling me?

What is the horse of my soon-to-be 35th year of life telling me?

What is the horse of my five year plan telling me?

Going around and around…not knowing where it will stop…where it will go.

So. Many. Questions.

Recent Carousel Of Life Ups:

-Family dinner time and soccer game watching and cheering for Will and Mindy.

-Seeing my Aunt and Uncle for the first time in what I think was two years.

-Accompanying my Aunt Mary on piano for her French horn playing in church for the first time since the pandemic.

-Last minute getaway to Fenwick Island, DE with my friend, Abby.

-Conversations with my in-office work crew about anything and everything.

-Quality time with my friends during the little downtime I find myself having.

-Receiving messages and so much love and support from individuals—some I’ve never even met in response to last week’s post.

-Receiving a beautiful piece of original artwork done by one of the parishioners from our faith community, Wendi.

Recent Carousel Of Life Downs:

-Natural stress of work and working in the hospitality and food service industry.

-News of mass shootings and violence.

-Dating site “stuff.”

Is there a horse that is going to lead me to my very own Prince Charming just like the Disney movies tell me?!

For now, I’m trying to just ride the horse that tells me to enjoy life to the best of my ability with friends and family and to try and experience the joys and happiness that the carousel is known to provide people.

What horse are you riding?

How are you embracing your own personal carousel ride of life?

Let’s journey together and jump on the horse to see where it takes us.

Your chariot awaits.

Jump on.

The carousel music is calling.

Sprinkle sunshine always,