Enjoy More Color & Play

Hi folks!

And welcome to another blog post by yours truly!

Blog post number 184 to be exact!


I just got back from a week vacation and how crazy is it that I’m already SO busy within the first 24 hours of being home.

Welcome to the life of Mr. Sunshine.

But like, honestly…I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Well, then…let’s get down to business shall we?

This week’s blog post!

Do you have your favorite beverage with you?!

Not going to lie–it is basically pumpkin spice latte season and I CAN’T WAIT to indulge.

This past week, while at the beach, I started reading a book entitled Joyful by Ingrid Fetell.

It is a beautiful book and if you need any type of good read, I would highly recommend it.

100% guaranteed or your money back.

Anyhoo…one of the chapters in the book talks about the entity of “play.”

What is play?

In the book, play is described as the following:

“Play can put us in a powerful state, which allows us to let go of everyday worries and be absorbed in the joy of the moment.”




“Play can put us in a powerful state, which allows us to let go of everyday worries and be absorbed in the joy of the moment.”

How many times do we go through our lives allowing the darkness of our world to suck the joy from all the wonderful things around us?

To be frank, it is too often.

However, reading this section of the book while on vacation really made me stop, step back, and think about the entity of play.

So…here a just a few things that I was able to find both some play and color within this past week.

  1. The golden sun in the sky.
  2. The blue waves of the ocean.
  3. The colorful architecture of beach houses.
  4. Laughs from game night at the beach (mainly Catchphrase).
  5. Jokes from episodes of The Golden Girls…especially those delivered by Betty White.
  6. The vibrant colors of entities around me in my home (painted walls, blue colored body wash, rainbow colors in hung artwork, colorful patterns in rugs, bright colored shorts and shirts, colorful swim trunks).
  7. The jovial energy of a congregant in our faith community that sits up front and sings his heart out and always says “Amen” just one beat behind everyone else.
  8. The changing colors of leaves on the trees around the city as we enter the fall season.
  9. Extra laughs when I used the wrong deterfent for the dishwasher and foamy suds started appearing on the floor…literally straight out of a classic episode of The Brady Bunch if you remember the episode with the washing machine suds.

I hope this week that you take time to enjoy the COLOR around you in our world and PLAY with it to create moments of joy that will shine bright amidst the moments of darkness that get thrown in our faces constantly.

Find some color in your life.

Appreciate it.

Play with it.

You will never be able to find the joy in life if you don’t take an extra moment to step back, find the color, and play with it.

Don’t let the shit of this world ruin your colorful moments of play.

Sprinkle sunshine always,