5 More Until 40: Let’s Cheers To That!

Happy Monday, folks!

Yet another week of HOT weather and extreme sunshine! Hope that you were able to enjoy it while also staying cool.

And if you could say a quick prayer or two and send a few good vibes Mother Nature’s way, we could certainly use the rain.

Anyhoo, this past Saturday, I turned the big 3-5…which means only 5 more years to 40!

I can’t even begin to thank all the beautiful souls who took time out of their busy days and schedules to send me well wishes through text, Facebook posts, Instagram messages, pictures, phone calls, and voice messages. Feeling the love, sunshine, and kindness at a time when the world is just so dark ignites my passion for wanting to make the world a better place. I can’t even begin to express my thankfulness and gratitude for each and every one of you.

And in true Mr. Sunshine fashion, the only way that I know to properly celebrate a birthday is with a blog post of light, fluffy facts…35 of them!

Let’s go! Hope you’re ready!

#35: I have had Stitch Fix for almost 4 years which is a service that you pay when you want clothes delivered to you by a personal stylist. I have had the same stylist, Brooke since starting and I have never returned a single item that she has sent me. She knows Mr. Sunshine WELL.

#34: My favorite song right now to play on the piano is River Flows in You by Yiruma.

#33: As I write this, I’m currently watching Encanto which is the third time that I’ve watched this week.

#32: I am so upset that Supermarket Sweep has not come back yet to Hulu. I was literally LOVING the reboot so much, so I sincerely hope ABC brings it back to production. I’m soon going to start a petition.

#31: Elizabeth Banks has to be one of my favorite game show hosts on TV right now. She hosts the reboot of Press Your Luck and she just radiates a genuine positive energy for wanting the contestants to win and I love seeing her cheer them on when I watch. The overall energy of the show is also so exciting that I will sometimes flap my arms because of how excited I get.

#30: My favorite Bath & Body Works scents right now are called Coastal (cologne) and Freshwater (body cream lotion).

#29: I have been looking for the Simply Spiked Lemonade drinks ever since having them in Wildwood this past June at the Barefoot Country Music Festival and have been unsuccessful. If you find them, BUY THEM! I will gladly pay you for them.

#28: My current go-to Door Dash order is a Wendy’s Baconator, 6 piece chicken nuggets, and medium fries. ALL THE CALORIES.

#27: I watched the new trailer for Disney’s remake of Pinocchio and I can’t wait for it to be available to watch.

#26: Even at 35, I still prefer to be wrapped in a blanket rather than lay under sheets.

#25: I don’t know what it is but hot dogs from Sheetz are literally the bomb.com. My favorite way to have them is with ketchup and cheddar cheese.

#24: Packing for vacation or any type of going away trip is like a game to me. I think of it like Tetris and get excitement out of making ALL the things fit.

#23: One of my favorite acceptance speeches is Sandra Bullock’s 2010 Best Actress one at The Oscars.

#22: I don’t like eating breakfast actually at breakfast. I would rather have it for lunch or dinner.

#21: I really miss Push Up pops. They were one of my favorite ice cream treats growing up as a kid. The packaging always had one of the characters from The Flintstones on it. Does anyone else remember these?

#20: I am not a fan of cherries, so if you are ever with me when I get an ice cream sundae, you better believe that I will only be getting whipped cream and hot fudge on top.

#19: I love, love, LOVE running in the extreme heat and humidity. To me, it is therapeutic and similar to people who enjoy releasing toxins and life’s stressors in the sauna.

#18: I have to start everyday with shaving my face; otherwise, my day ends up being out of whack.

#17: I don’t like riding in elevators, flying in planes, or being in a Ferris wheel.

#16: Mayo continues to still be my favorite condiment to this day. So much so that I can literally put it on pieces of bread and eat it just like that.

#15: Even at 35, I still dislike thunderstorms very much. They scare me. Period.

#14: Give me all the mashed potatoes. Favorite food hands down. And I want ranch dressing and cheddar cheese with them too. It’s not just about butter in them for me.

#13: My favorite episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show is “Chuckles Bites The Dust” and even though it is from the 70’s, it still cracks me up to tears. It is brilliant acting at its best. I watched it as part of my birthday celebration.

#12: To this day, Katy Perry’s Firework is still my favorite jam that will make me feel immediately better about anything regardless of how shitty life is.

#11: My favorite type of cheese is Cabot’s Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

#10: I prefer Wawa hot coffee over Sheetz hot coffee.

#9: I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee over any other type of iced coffee.

#8: Puppy cuddles are something that will never get old for me. They will always make me feel love, supported, and that the darkness in world doesn’t exist.

#7: Ever since Betty White’s passing at the end of 2021, I continue to try and live my days out thinking about her grace, her beauty, and her kindness.

#6: I will always choose a Dairy Queen ice cream cake over any other type because of the fact that there is fudge in the middle with the cookie crumble and ice cream.

#5: My favorite version of the movie Cinderella is the Brandy version that just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary with a special 20/20 reunion special.

#4: My favorite childhood game was Candy Land. I own it now as an adult and my favorite character is still Queen Frostine.

#3: One of my favorite snacks that I’m currently obsessed with is dipping pretzels in ranch dressing. Don’t knock it until you try it.

#2: This is my 4th year of blogging and my 183rd post. I’m so grateful and thankful to each and every one of you for continuing to support me in this endeavor and that you come back week after week to enjoy these words that I so very much enjoy writing for you.

#1: 2023 will be the release of another super special Mr. Sunshine project! I am still working on final details, but they are in the works…I promise! And what this will entail is going to be a HUGE undertaking not only for me, but for all of you as well and together we are going to change the world one step at a time with an extra dose of sunshine and kindness.

Cheers to 35!

Sprinkle sunshine always,