Cause’ Baby You’re A Firework: Why Finding Sunshine & Joy Has Become More Crucial

Happy Monday, folks!

Here we are! Another week of October has officially begun!

And I will admit that this past week in Lancaster, PA has felt unusually mild for Fall weather. It almost felt like it was summer again with the sunshine.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the sweater weather.

I just want to walk out the front door early in the morning bundled up in a sweatshirt.

Anyhoo, let’s get on to this week’s post, shall we?!

As I write these words for you, I find myself shutting my eyes because I’m exhausted.


A word that has seemed to creep into the vocabulary of many of us more often than not these days.

Anyone else relate to this feeling?

I can’t be the only one.

This past week has been filled with news from different facets that have all affected my mentality in a negative way.

And because of those negative feelings that have struck me in the face head on, I have found it even more crucial and important to find sunshine and joy in my life.

And when I find those moments of sunshine and joy, I make sure to soak it in.

This past week, I found sunshine and joy in the following:

  1. The smiles of the kids as Pastor Angie and I did a children’s message during our faith community’s worship service.
  2. The energy of the INCREDIBLE voices of the cast of The Color Purple at The Ephrata Performing Arts Center which runs through October 29th. You should experience it too. Buy tickets at Do it now. Like. Seriously. It is SO good.
  3. Cuddling with a blanket and bag of berry flavored lifesavers while the fall breeze came through the windows and a romantic comedy played in the background.
  4. The heart of kindness I felt in the face of a young child who put up their hands in a stop motion to make sure I avoided the squirrel that was in the middle of the parking lot as I went to park my car.
  5. The laughter I felt with my coworkers when we experienced picking up the wrong drink from a local Starbucks establishment in what could only be considered and described as a classic comedy of error.
  6. The creativity of Mackenzie as she built her Legos and Ellie’s smile as I held her in my arms jumping up and down as we walked throughout the house.
  7. The immense amount of singing and smiles on the faces of the crowd at the 55 and over community that I had the extreme pleasure and opportunity to travel to and accompany some friends on the piano as they sang hits from Broadway shows.

The mental health of our world is declining.

And it seems to be declining at an extremely alarming rate.

And that has made the need to find joy and sunshine in life even more crucial.

Where have you found joy and sunshine in this past week?

Where will you find the joy and sunshine this week?

Are you being kind to the others in your life around you?

Find the joy.

Find the sunshine.

And take care of YOU.

Sprinkle sunshine always,