Affirmations of Joy

Happy Monday, folks!

It is hard to believe that we are officially in November. That means that talk about mashed potatoes, corn, turkey, cranberry sauce Christmas trees, Black Friday deals, and everything else that comes with the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all other holidays that get celebrated between now and the end of the year are just around the corner.

The remainder of 2022 is full speed ahead.

I hope you are ready to buckle up your seat belt.

Well, let’s get down to business.

I would say grab your blanket to cuddle up with as you read these words; however, with the warm weather that has felt like Summer these past days, I would say grab your pina colada might be a better fit.

The past couple of months, specifically the last couple of weeks, I have been a negative Nancy.

I have had a toxic energy of cynicism that has engulfed my mind, daily life, and just caused me to be a not-so-joyful individual to be around.

So, if you were someone that experienced that pessimistic, gloomy energy I was exuding–I greatly apologize.

It is definitely true that if you have a positive energy about yourself, you will attract positive energy too.

The same thing happens with negative energy.

As the saying goes:

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

I’m not going to lie…I have been extremely anxious about the financial subject matter that will be happening at a congregational meeting on November 20th that I will be leading for our faith community. It has been looming over my head like a gray cloud and I’ve let it consume my feelings and life that it caused negativity in so many other areas of life.

I found out last Monday that I will be losing my part-time job that I’ve had since 2018 and while I definitely let the initial panic create negative energy in my life, I was quick to turn around the feelings to more of a silver-lining mentality.

This past Wednesday I had a Zoom call with my Life Coach, Daniel. It felt like a much-needed therapy session.

In fact, it was the kick in the ass that I didn’t realize I needed until it was happening.

We talked about the negative energy I had been experiencing, the toxicity that social media makes me feel, and how I think the first part of 2023 needs to be about me filling up my cup, learning to love myself, and taking time to find the positive joy in my life before trying to help other’s find it with another Mr. Sunshine project.

Daniel challenged me to give him adjectives about how my best friend would describe me.

From there, we took some of those adjectives and channeled them into daily affirmations that I write in my journal at the start of every morning.

I am confident.

I am dependable.

I am loyal.

I am trustworthy.

I am kind.

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

I am loving.

My name is JP Welliver and I am worthy of everything I desire.

Daniel also had me think about a day in my life where I had felt extremely happy and joyful.

I told him that day was when I came out of the closet because a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and my authentic self could finally be free.

Here are just a few other places I found happiness and sunshine this week:

  1. I found joy when a co-worker of mine that had been on maternity leave came back into this office this week. Her and I always got along so well and having her back has confirmed that feeling even more so than before.
  2. I found joy in being able to catch up with my friend Marissa whom I haven’t been able to see in over a month. Her and I always have weekly sleepovers complete with conversations and Amazing Race episodes (and the occasional horror movie). This last one also included some tasty margaritas too!
  3. I got to volunteer with some of my full-time coworkers from Webstaurantstore doing clean up at the Jaycee Community Park in Strasburg…and let’s also just throw in that I went to the wrong park at first.
  4. I found joy in my friend Karey singing at our faith community’s church service on Sunday and the pews being filled with so many people.

Well, folks.

That’s all I’ve got for you.

Be gentle with yourself.

And lose the negative energy in your life and turn it into something positive.

Create your own affirmations of joy.

Our world could use some of that extra sunshine.

Sprinkle sunshine always,