Are You Sinking or Are You Swimming?

Happy Monday, folks!

At the current moment, I’m wrapped in a blanket since Mother Nature decided to give us some actual fall weather that felt brisk and chilly.

Last week, I literally had the AC on and this week, I’m shivering in my bones because of the frigidness.

Talk about cray cray craziness.


The other day, when I was on Facebook, the below photo came up on my feed as a memory from the days when I lived in Lititz.

Extra points for whomever can tell me what classic game show this is from.

That’s right.

Brownie points if you answered Wheel of Fortune.

Which, by the way, I have auditioned for more than a dozen times and I’m still waiting for my big break.

But I digress.

Let’s get down to business.

Yesterday, at church, I got to have fun with the children’s sermon describing to the kids (with an exciting game of charades) as we talked about fears.

As I acted out different fears (plane, heights, and snakes), the kids answered with enthusiasm, and it made me smile.

We talked about how we can’t let our fears overtake us from living the life we were born to live with love and passion.

After finishing out the children’s time of the service, Pastor Angie went on to address the congregation and discussed finding beauty and new beginnings from tragedy…from the “crumbling of our temples.”

What are the temples that have crumbled in your life recently that you must overcome the fear to find beauty and new beginnings with?

As the puzzle board picture stated early, “Sink or Swim.”

Are you sinking from the fear in your life or are you choosing to swim and fight it?

A few weeks ago, if you were to ask me how life was going, I would’ve definitely told you that I was SINKING.

I was in a rutt of negative thoughts, energy, and just everything seemed to be so BLAH.

Fast forward to just a week and a half ago, and I am finally doing some SWIMMING.

And speaking of swimming, swim trunks by Chubbies are my FAVE.


Do I have fears in my life?


Are there things that I fear which are happening this coming week?


The difference is that I have the power to change my attitude with how I respond and react to those moments with swimming rather than allow them to sink me.

I’ve started to realize that I can’t change people, but that I can do as much as possible to try and create a positive atmosphere around me that is rejuvenating, supportive, and passionate full of love and kindness.

And I’ve also realized that it is not a crime to take care of me with whatever I need to do for myself to keep swimming.

And with how crazy the world is and the shit that is happening in it, you should also not feel guilty to take care of YOU.

Do what you need to do to keep swimming.

Because sinking shouldn’t be an option.

And if it is, reach out for help.

Don’t let fear overtake everything in your life.

Are you sinking?


Are you swimming?

The choice is yours.

Let’s take it stroke by stroke together.

Sprinkle sunshine always,