Smile At The Stranger: Be Kind

Well, hello folks!

Welcome to another post from yours truly!

Post number 198 to be exact!

That means post 200 is just around the corner…

What could be in store?!

Well, I guess you will just have to stay tuned to find out!

Anyhoo, let’s get down to business with this post 198 business.

This past week, the world was shocked by the suicidal news of Stephen “Twitch” Boss.

For those who may not know, “Twitch” was best known for his incredible dance skills from the popular reality show So You Think You Can Dance and being the charismatic and charming DJ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

It was a piece of news that brought shock and sadness to my life…much like the feeling I had when we lost Betty White almost one year ago.

It was one of those moments that made me stop and think.

Like really think.

Twitch always looked so happy.

He was always someone (based off the testimonials I’ve read on social media) that brought such joy into the lives of others.

Dare I say that I feel like I could relate to him because I have always seen myself as someone who brings joy to the lives of others.

I have always been someone who has focused on filling the cup of others before filling my own cup.

For the past couple of years, I have made much of my life about the needs of others with huge fundraising events that involved running and raising money for pediatric cancer.

They were moments in my life that I don’t regret.

The fulfillment I felt from the success, love and support of these endeavors are parts of my life that will always be imprinted on my heart and memories that will fill me with joy when I look back on them.

This year, my life coach Daniel and I have dug deep in our Zoom check-in sessions and had the crucial conversations that were tough but made me realize that I truly have not been focusing on myself and my needs.

After the success of Miles4Smiles in 2021, the year 2022 was supposed to be a year for me.

A year for me to really focus on the self-loving aspect of Mr. Sunshine.

And while the first few months started out well, I kind of lost track and fell off the bandwagon.

I am Mr. Sunshine.




2023 is going to be different.

It will be a year to be intentional in focusing on myself, my self-love, and the filling of my cup.

That isn’t to say that I will stop trying to fill the cup of others, but the prominent focus is going to be on me because these past years have been neglect of that.

And it is something that I will not be ashamed of.

I will not be afraid to say “no,” create a boundary, or think twice about what it is that I need in my life to help me be the best that I can be.

And with this sentiment, I hope you will join me on the journey because my blog will shift to a focus of positive energy and the searching of that self-love that we all need yo find.

I’m also excited to mention that I will be continuing with my life coach, Daniel and also local fitness trainer Ryan Chalfant to help me focus on my complete health and well-being.

Mental health is something that has come to the forefront multiple times this year for me (and countless others) and I’m going to make sure that it doesn’t get swept under the rug in the new year.

We need to talk about it.

We need to check in with each other and those that we love to ensure we are doing ok.

We need to smile at the stranger.

We need to focus on being kind to all because we never know what someone might be going through.

We need to continue making sure that we are working on filling up our own cups (and not being ashamed or feeling selfish for doing so).

We need to make sure that we are leading with both the listening ear and open heart rather than the hate and violence that has become the common denominator in our world.

Every morning, I journal these 8 affirmations:

I am confident.

I am dependable.

I am loyal.

I am trustworthy.

I am kind.

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

I am loving.

I challenge each and every one of you to make 2023 your year to focus on filling up your cup.

Focus on learning how to dance in the rain even when the sunshine might not be visible.

Smile at the stranger, be kind to all…but most importantly, be kind to yourself.

Give yourself grace and love.




Check in on others.

Reach out if you are struggling and realize you are not alone.

Love and a listening ear of support is right around the corner.

Sprinkle sunshine always,