Number 200! WOWSER!

Well, hi there folks!

Happy Monday!

Happy 200th blog post!

I started this endeavor 4 years ago in 2018, so it is crazy to think that we have hit this milestone already!

I feel like I celebrated post 100 just yesterday!

Anyhoo, I won’t keep you long this week with my words.

Mainly, I just to thank each and every one of you for continuing to support me and come back week after week to read my words.

I’m appreciative of the fact that you have continued to support love, light, and kindness.

For this milestone, I had my wonderful coworker, Sarah make a blueberry jam cake (DELISH) and a local bakery, Cake N’ Cup make a delicious funfetti masterpiece to celebrate…make sure you check out my Instagram to see the photos of both sweet treats!

Thanks again for feeling passionate about what I write and being supportive of this endeavor I started a mere 4 years ago.

I’m thankful beyond belief for your love and can only hope that you will continue to share in the love, light, and kindness I have to share in the coming days, months, and years.

Sprinkle sunshine always,