The Wonder Of Alignment

Well, hey there beautiful people!

I wish you another happy Monday as we continue on this journey known as 2023!

Can you believe that we are almost to the end of the first month?!

Time does indeed FLY by.

That is no joke.

Anyhoo, let’s get on with it to the meat and potatoes of this week’s post.

Yum…meat and potatoes…I LOVE potatoes, especially mashed potatoes.

Ahhh…I digress once again!

Grab your morning coffee, cozy on up, and read on!

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when something seemed to happen at just the right moment at just the right time?

Some refer to it as the stars aligning.

Some call it God’s plan.

Some call it divine intervention of the spiritual wonders of the world.

Well, I experienced those wonders of alignment this past week when I started a new part-time job at Lititz Apothecary.

Back in the day, Lititz Apothecary was known as McElroy’s Pharmacy and was under different management. I worked there throughout high school, college, and even did some fill-in hours after graduating from Penn State. I loved seeing the same customers over and over again and grow the relationship and rapport that comes so naturally with face-to-face interactions.

When I learned that my part-time job was going to be ending at the end of 2022, I started to panic. Inflation, the cost of living going up (and only up), and the bills that come with being a single adult…well, you know the rest. There are times where we all wonder how we will make it work without the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.

I emailed Lititz Apothecary on 10/31 (the day I found I was losing my part-time job) and decided to take a chance and see if there might be any opportunity for part-time work. The idea of going back to the pharmacy and being able to see some of the customers from the olden days thrilled me.

Chet, the new owner of the pharmacy, emailed me back and we set up a time to meet in person and discuss what it was that I was looking for to feel fulfilled.

Flash forward to Monday, January 16th–my very first day at Lititz Apothecary.

I had nervous butterflies in my stomach all day because it had been SO long since I had started a new job.

And that night…during my very first shift…the stars aligned and the spiritual wonders of the world came together.

A patient that I recognized from the olden days came in and we got to chatting about his wife, Penn State, and his recent diagnosis and upcoming surgery.

I rang him out and before he turned around to leave the pharmacy, he looked at me and said, “Welcome home.”

That patient might never realize how much those two simple words meant to me right then and there in that moment.

It filled my heart with a warm energy that confirmed this decision of starting this part-time job was the right move.

Later that week…on Wednesday during my second evening shift on the job, I got to see two former high school teachers that I had during my days at Warwick AND got to speak on the phone with someone I graduated with back in 2006.

It was just more moments of stars aligning and the spiritual wonders confirming I’m meant to be on this path at Lititz Apothecary.

I hope all of you get to experience these moments in your life at some point.

Because not only are they refreshing and rejuvenating, but they are also fulfilling to the warmth that our souls need to feel.

Have a beautiful week ahead. I hope you get to experience moments of joy and warmth in the soul.

Sprinkle sunshine always,