Where Are You?

Happy last Monday of February, everyone!

And, even at the end of this second month of 2023, I’m still waiting for that one Winter blizzard that dumps the snow and causes everything to be shut down for a week.

It could still happen right?

Maybe Mother Nature is planning a white Easter?

I’m dreaming of a white Easter…


The lyrics don’t really work.

Oh well.

I tried.

Let’s get down to business.

A warm bed.

A comfortable couch with blankets.

An empty gym.

A quiet church sanctuary.

What do they all have in common?

All are places that I got to experience in my life this past week.

And all are places that allowed me to relish in different levels of respite and rejuvenation.

Each day in life we are forced to make choices about direction.

When we reach the four way stop at the intersection, do we go straight, left, or right?

When the traffic light turns yellow, do we hit the gas pedal to speed forward or slam on the brake to make the sudden stop?

When we walk out the front door, do we sneak across the street without using the crosswalk or allow the sidewalk to guide us to our destination?

It seems that now–more than ever–we are pushed and pulled in multiple directions constantly. It is a 24/7 balancing act more complicated than figuring out the answer to why money doesn’t grow on trees.

Where are you?

With the constant pushing and pulling, I often find myself relishing in the moments of time alone in spaces that help me come back down to Earth to find solitude and solace.

The warm bed that allows me to wrap myself in warmth from the cold moments of the surrounding world.

The comfortable couch with blankets that allows me to squeeze tighter when the realities of life make me scared.

The empty gym that forces me to let go of the negative shit I have no control over and forces me to focus on the strength building my body and muscles need to keep out the toxic crap.

The quiet church sanctuary that brings feelings of peace while the silence within the four walls gives me time to connect with my spiritual soul.

Where are you?

In times when the chaos is constant, I find it even more important to escape to places where peace, solace, and comfort can be felt in every bone of our body.

Where are you?

Before I leave you for the week, here are a few places where I got to experience joy this week:

  1. The “smile” rock that was hid by the children of the learning center throughout the office.
  2. The selfie that I got to take with Rowan and Andrew holding said rock above.
  3. Dinner and game night with Devin, Jed, and Porky.
  4. Time with Abby to catch-up on life happenings while also enjoying games of Rummy, 101 Dalmatians, and The Little Mermaid.
  5. My older brother coming to my rescue to help my car battery become energized again.
  6. Dinner at DJ’s 50’s diner with Marissa.
  7. My weekly video check-in call with Ryan.
  8. The coffee chat video with my Platinum colleagues.
  9. Playing Simon Says during the children’s message at church.
  10. Receiving Aruba aloe from my neighbors Darren and Courtney.

That’s all I’ve got this week for you to read.

I wish each of you love, joy, and kindness this week!

Sprinkle sunshine always,