Happy Monday, folks!

And happy March!

This is the official first blog post of the third month of 2023!


Also, before I move on, don’t forget to turn your clocks forward by one hour this weekend on Saturday!

That means…Daylight Savings Time is upon us…

Along with Palm Sunday, Easter, and maybe possibly a snowstorm that dumps some of the white stuff we haven’t seen much of here in Pennsylvania?

We can only hope.

Anyhoo, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Do you have your cozy blanket?

Do you have your favorite beverage by your side?

Have you done something kind for someone else today?

Have you given yourself some self-love?

I hope you answered ‘YES!’ to at least one of the above!

Here we go!

Have you ever felt misaligned with your life or your energy?

Well, this week, I was definitely misaligned.

And just for the record (and a little side note of a tangent), I have started to become slightly obsessed with watching reels on Instagram of chiropractors and the cracking noise of bones, the spine, and other parts of the body.

It is actually soothing to me.

Don’t judge me.

You should try it.

But…I digress.

The bones of my body and spine were not what made me misaligned this past week.

Have you ever really stopped to think how something negative around you can just throw you off your game and create such an energy of non-positivity?

It is toxic.

Well, last Sunday I experienced one of those moments and it just seemed to engulf my entire being and set such a gloomy tone for the week ahead.

I got derailed from the track and didn’t seem to find my way back to get on it again.

And this wasn’t something that I really thought about deeply until Wednesday after having my weekly check-in call with my fitness trainer, Ryan.

At the end of our call, he mentioned that things just didn’t seem aligned for me.

And he was 150% right.

I sat on my bed for about 30 minutes after the call thinking about the energy that had been emoting from me.

I let the negative moment at the beginning of the week seep into my life in a way that consumed me and caused me to miss joy in the things around me that I normally notice.

My work week interactions seemed less rejuvenating, my sleep cycle wasn’t the greatest, and the stressors of life seemed to be greater than normal causing more panic and fear.


Negative energy.

This week, I refuse to let them overtake the joy that I find in my daily life.

Don’t let a misalignment consume you.

Take what comes at you and turn it into something that will align with you, your energy, your beliefs, and allow you to be your best self.

Sprinkle sunshine always,