May I Buy A Vowel?

Well, hey there folks!

Happy first Monday of the fourth month of 2023!

It is April!

And Easter is just DAYS away.





I will admit that as I write these words, I am indulging in a few homemade peanut butter eggs…in both dark and milk chocolate.


Anyhoo…enough about the Easter sweets.

Let’s get on with this week’s post.

And it is once again one that will be short and sweet.

14 years ago, I played an April Fools prank and told people via social media that I had an audition for Wheel of Fortune.

Today…Monday April 3rd…14 years later, that prank is becoming a reality.

A virtual Zoom audition that will involve simulation toss up puzzles and a possible timed test of word puzzles that will hopefully lead to being picked to actually do a physical taping of the show.

I’ve talked a lot about alignment in the past weeks.

And this.





Patience and persistence have paid off.

For the first time in a long time, it just feels like everything in my life is happening as it should.

A focus on ME.

MY body.

MY fitness.

MY energy.

MY needs.

MY life.

I hope alignment finds its way into your life.

Sprinkle sunshine always,