Thank YOU For Showing Up

Happy Monday and day after Easter, folks!

I hope you were all able to hippity hoppity this past weekend with whatever April holiday you observe and celebrate!

Welcome to post #213!

Let the sunshine in!

Speaking of sunshine, it appears that Mother Nature will be giving us some bright days in the coming week ahead!

I certainly don’t mind the sunshine, but I’m not sure I’m ready for temperatures in the 80’s…that should be kept hidden until the Summer season…at least in my humble opinion.

Well, I think it is time to get down to this week’s post.

Shall we?

Grab that pina colada, margarita, or other fun summery beverage and keep reading!

Also, as I write these words, I’m currently watching the World Ice Skating Championships on TV and I don’t know about you, but each time a skater goes to do a jump or fancy something, I literally hold my breath and go into panic mode.

Anyone else?

Or am I in the minority?

Like who doesn’t want to be able to do a triple sow cow with a triple quad axle on skates?!

Now, let’s all go practice in our living room.


Anyhoo, I digress…shocker.

“Thank you for showing up.”

A bit different from the infamous mantra, “Thank you for being a friend” that The Golden Girls reminds us of, but just as important.

Say it again with me.

“Thank you for showing up.”

These are five simple words that my fitness coach, Ryan Chalfant (The Fitness Alchemist), says to me every week during our video call.

Make sure you check him out because I honestly can’t say enough about how wonderful and beautiful of a soul he is:

“Thank you for showing up.”

For some, getting out of bed to put two feet on the ground can be a daunting task.

Opening the front door to explore the world where stimulation can be overwhelming is a victory.

Keeping it together after emotionally draining situations can be daunting.

Sharing the love in your soul to someone struggling because of some darkness in their world can be life-changing.

While showing up can look differently for every single person, its common denominator no matter what the equation is that it should be recognized and celebrated.

Thank you for showing up to the people who take away the weekly garbage and recycling.

Thank you for showing up to the people who run restaurants and show us hospitality.

Thank you for showing up to teachers who share knowledge and wisdom daily.

Thank you for showing up to our healthcare workers who heal, nurse, and support.

Thank you for showing up to the individuals suffering depression, but decide to get out of bed.

Thank you for showing up to our families, parents, and friends who love us unconditionally.

Thank you for showing up to everyone who tries to lead in the world with love and kindness.

Thank you for showing up to everyone in the St. Paul Penryn faith community to help share love be love for all.

Thank you for showing up to my fitness coach Ryan for helping me to understand the extreme importance and beauty of these five simple words and re-iterating them constantly for me and my soul.

Thank you for showing up week after week to read these words that I write for you that I hope spark inspiration and some positive energy for your day and week ahead.

“Thank you for showing up.”

You are beautiful.

You are loved.

You are worthy.

And remember to celebrate and recognize not only others, but yourself too with these five simple words.

“Thank you for showing up.”

Sprinkle sunshine always,